Ornamental Shrubs and Your Landscape: The Perfect Match?

Ornamental Shrubs and Your Landscape: The Perfect MatchAre you aware that the landscaping services industry is valued at over $115 billion?

Turning your plain yard into something unique and beautiful can end up being one of your most joyous pastimes. To get the most out of your property, it’s important to pick the right yard plants. Otherwise, things can look out of place.

For those inspired to start a landscaping business after discovering the beauty of ornamental shrubs, understanding the legalities is crucial. If you’re in the Peach State and pondering the entrepreneurial leap, finding out llc in Georgia could be the cornerstone for establishing your venture on solid ground.

Are you wondering what options are available to you? Well, I’m here to help!

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With this in mind, I created this simple guide with suggestions for ornamental shrubs to beautify your landscape.

4 Ornamental Shrubs to Improve Your Landscape

Keep reading to learn all about ornamental shrubs and how they can match your landscape. You can also try places like Roswell Georgia landscape design to learn how to get a garden you’ve dreamed of on an affordable budget.

1. Azaleas

When it comes to yard shrubs, nothing greets spring with more dazzle than azaleas. It’s worth emphasizing that there are many different types of azaleas out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming to decide on one for your yard.

Stewartstonian azaleas end up showing one of the most vibrant reds ever when fall comes around. They grow up to 5 feet in height, so they can offer a unique dynamic to your shrub ensemble.

2. Roses

If you need more plant choices, you could always go with an iconic favorite. While most depictions of roses are red, you actually have more options than that. Some gardeners would argue that landscaping isn’t complete unless you have at least one type of rose.

For those that are worried about keeping the roses alive, you can make things easier by opting for the low-maintenance breed of rose known as Candy Oh. Among other amazing options, there are many roses bushes to choose from at Van Poecke & Zn.

3. Butterfly Bushes

When considering storied shrubs, you should also think about the types of creatures that each one will attract. The butterfly bush is named after the beautiful beings that come flocking to it because of the bloom clusters that smell of honey.

Butterfly bushes can grow about the length of half your arm. If you invest in enough of them, you can turn your average garden into a heavenly haven for all kinds of butterflies.

4. Camellias

A winter landscape doesn’t have to be barren of beauty. You can enjoy the winter season just as much as any other when you invest in camellias. These shrubs can outlast any winter and add wonderful pops of color to your landscaping, ranging from red to white.

Plant staggering is often the best strategy to ensure you have blooming shrubs all season long. Staggering involves planting the seeds at strategic times throughout the year.

Are You Ready to Get Ornamental Shrubs?

Now that you’ve learned all about ornamental shrubs, you can choose the ones that fit your landscape the best. Boosting your curb appeal is one of the single most effective ways of having a more valuable home. You’re sure to get compliments on your landscaping all the time.

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