Why Is Finding a Little ‘Me Time’ Vital for Your Happiness and Wellbeing?

Why Is Finding a Little ‘Me Time’ Vital for Your Happiness and Wellbeing?If you want to boost your happiness and wellbeing then you will want to put in the effort of finding a little ‘me time.’ Here’s why…

According to research conducted by OnePoll…

  • The average person in the US has only 43 minutes of ‘me time’ per day.
  • Plus 3 in 4 people surveyed said that a lack of personal time negatively affects their mood.

Know this now:

  • Taking time for yourself is not a narcissistic pursuit!

Finding time to relax, take part in a hobby, or connect with nature is vital  – especially at this time in our world – when stress can come at you from so many sources: jobs, partners, kids… and all the obligations you have to fulfill on a daily basis.

If you were wondering how time alone can benefit you and you wanted to know what some of the best investments of your time could be, read on.

As you might know,…

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So I put together this article all about the importance of finding a little me time.

Time Alone Helps Strengthen Relationships

me time The OnePoll survey showed…

  • 85% of people said that getting time to themselves on a regular basis was the secret to a healthy relationship.
  • Some 82% also said that doing so actually makes their relationship stronger.
  • And the majority also said they encouraged their partner to enjoy time alone too.
  • Plus…. they also deemed ‘me time’ even more important than date nights.


Because their alone time allowed them to:

  • relax
  • de-stress
  • and (subsequently) reconnect with their loved ones in a more positive way

Netflix and Chill

According to research conducted by OnePoll…

  • Most people didn’t need fancy trips or expensive shopping treats to de-stress.
  • For around 60% of people, few things beat lying on the sofa and catching their favorite film or show.
  • funny quotesMany are also partial to reading, exercising, and consuming media like podcasts.
  • When it comes to deep relaxation, spa visits reign supreme.

Whether a face massage for skin tightening or a soothing Swedish massage floats your boat, treatments do more than turn back the hands of time or address sports injuries and tight muscles.

They tap into the power of touch, pampering, and self-kindness.

As found in a 2018 study published in the journal PLOS…

  • being kind to yourself (for instance, by giving yourself time or enjoying a pampering experience) can protect you from the harmful effects of perfectionism.

Making the Most of Time Alone

alone time is healthyIf you are battling stress and tension and you decide to schedule in some personal time on a regular basis, aim to choose activities that relax and/or fulfill you.

According to research …

  • Spending time in a green zone, for instance, has been found to significantly lower stress hormone levels—even if you just have 10 or 20 minutes for this activity.
  • Mindfulness activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation have also been found in study after study to pulverize stress and boost one’s mood, energy levels, and ability to focus.
  • Exercise is another powerful way to flood your body with endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in your body.

If you want to be the best worker, partner, or family member…

  • Start by being kind to yourself.
  • Schedule in regular ‘me time’, aiming to enjoy at least a few minutes to yourself every day.

In summary…

  • Make sure you are regularly indulging yourself with pampering “me time” experiences!

Let the power of touch and your senses of smell and sight take you to a happy place where you can connect with your inner self.

Be the calmest, happiest version of you

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