Get Your Kids to Listen: A Guide To Becoming a Very Happy Family

Get Your Kids to Listen: A Guide To Becoming a Very Happy Family

Discover effective parenting tips to get your kids to listen so you learn the secrets of becoming a very happy family. Perfect for stressed out parents seeking practical tips that work.

Note: This is a guest blog from the recognized parenting expert, Ana Vega.

Does your child drive you nuts sometimes and, in spite of promising yourself to never yell or punish, you end up doing it again and again? Ever feel like your own mini-me is a master of tantrums and manipulation? Wonder how other parents do it and why their kids are easy going? What’s their secret sauce to be so very happy?

Do you know the difference between a happy family vs. a very happy family?

What I’m about to share might sound surprising to some, given the messages in our culture we live in – everywhere we turn.

Here’s a fun fact: It’s not about flashy vacations or designer stuff. Nor is it about fitting into a certain family mold.

This is great news! Why? Because to become a very happy family you don’t have to spend any money or go anywhere! And you don’t need to feel guilty about not having a traditional family.

The real magic of parenting lies in the quality of your emotional connections with your kids.

Picture this: Every parental squabble or awkward moment with your kids magically transforms into a win-win situation where everyone walks away happy and with a smile.

Imagine if most of your fights with your kids ended with a hug or a high-five?

How awesome would that be?

If you’re like most parents, you’d not only be over the moon with joy. You’d also feel like a total rockstar.

You would not only feel very happy as a parent – but also very empowered!

I’m sharing the topic of how to get your kids to listen so you create a happy family, because I was exactly where you are right now. I’m also leading authority in Parenting and Interpersonal Mindfulness. Plus I’m also a former Vice President in NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in Los Angeles.

I am excited to give you a few tips to get your kids to listen so you can create a very happy home.

I know these tips for getting kids to list work, because I’ve witnessed how they’ve improved many families’ lives- including those with very difficult mental health challenges.

So, what’s the secret to get kids to listen?

1. Get mindful.

When annoyance comes knocking, tune into those tense muscles and racing heart.

Notice those grumpy thoughts that your mind is thinking. Thoughts of resentment, annoyance, or anger. These thoughts are typically followed in the human mind by thoughts of retaliation.

So, becoming mindful at the beginning of a confrontation is the most important skill in order to be successful in relationships.

Why? Because when we notice those things, two things happen:

  • We automatically stop being like an angry toddler thinking, saying, and doing a bunch of nonsense.
  • We automatically become a healthy adult, which is our True Self, and think relaxed, self-confident, and empathetic thoughts.

 2. Say no to self-judgment.

When those negative vibes creep in, resist the urge to judge yourself. Instead, simply welcome them. Embrace them lovingly. Dr. Ana’s orders: no self-criticism allowed!

This is super important as judgmental thoughts create even more tension! And we do not want more tension, right?

3. Let it go.

After that warm embrace, send them off with a gentle wave.

4. Relax like a boss.

Unclench those muscles, and watch as your inner calmness shines through, allowing empathy and vulnerability to take the stage.

5. Draw those boundaries.

Communicate your needs to your kid without drama or sounding hostile. Instead ask your child for what they think you need next time. Or plan as a team a new way of doing things in the future.

In Summary: Tips to Get Your Kids to Listen

Can you picture a universe where all parents let their true self navigate conflicts with the grace of a zen master? Oh, what a world that would be – with so many very happy families.

Let’s sprinkle some magic dust on our emotional connections with our kids, by helping them never feel threatened by us as their parents. Instead let’s do what we can to make our kids feel as cozy as a marshmallow around us.

If you can follow these simple steps, you’ll transform your parent-child bond with them – so they finally, finally, are able to really HEAR you and LISTEN to you. Can you imagine?

Ana VegaAbout The Author: Ana Vega is a world leader and expert on Mindful Parenting and a former Vice President in NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. One of her clients with three kids said: “I was very skeptical at first, but I finally got out of the burnt-out trap.  Working with Ana is best investment they’ve ever made!”  Grab your FREE Secret Guide Book: “3 Steps to Stop Family Meltdowns Before The Start.”  You’ll discover how today’s Happy Parents prevent meltdowns and raise kids who cooperate peacefully. (Hint: It’s not about the meltdowns!)

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