How to Practice Financial Diversification

How to Practice Financial Diversification

If you want feel secure about always having enough money, then you need to learn how to practice financial diversification. Here’s a quickie guide!

Regardless of how long you have been working at a specific organization, you always stand a chance of losing your job.

It can be due to market downturns, industry changes, a spat with your boss, or the COVID-19. But regardless of the reason, the impact can be severe.

One way you can overcome this situation is by diversifying your sources of income.

There are a lot of ways to diversify your finances. It can mean maintaining a diverse investment portfolio or having a diverse income stream, among other things. In addition, diversifying will keep your finances safe because if one area crashes, your others won’t be affected.

How to practice financial diversification

Here are some ways to make intelligent choices and practice financial diversification.

Pay Off Debt

The first thing you should do to practice financial diversification is by paying off your debt. And you aren’t alone if you are paying off debt. Most Americans have done it at some point in their life—including student loans, car notes, mortgages, credit cards, and more.

However, not all debts are equal.

There is a massive difference between your 16.99% to 23.91% credit card debt and 5.05% federal student loan. High-interest credit card debt costs keep increasing with time. So, it becomes difficult to pay it off. By tackling it first, you will be able to save thousands of dollars in interest, which you can add to your emergency fund.

So, make sure clearing your debt is your focus until you are in the clear. Once you are debt-free, you will have more money to play with and explore diversifying. Additionally, the upcoming tips will help you boost your income to pay off your debt quicker.

Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is the best passive option to diversify your income. Much like every other option, investing takes a little up-front capital to get started. However, the stock market is full of offers that will help you invest any amount of money to make profits.

Often, many people seek advice from an investment firm to create their portfolio and start earning rewards right away. Nonetheless, the power of compound interests appears to be a considerable force, and you will quickly be able to see your income stream grow.

Furthermore, there also exist apps that allow you to invest independently with apps. When investing, create a diverse portfolio with investments in different industries. So, if one is struggling, the other will remain steady as this is the way the economy fluctuates.

Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle is a golden ticket to diversifying your income. You can earn income by selling a service like tutoring, babysitting, freelancing, writing, etc. Or you can create an online business that generates passive income. (Psssst… Lots of people hire me as an online marketing consultant to help them do just that!) The idea: Find various ways make money for your time and expertise. However, you won’t be able to keep all of it because you will have to set some aside to cover your business expenses and investment in maintaining your expertise.

The other cost of earning money selling services is your time. Therefore, you should be actively involved to make money. Furthermore, you can also start a side business selling a product you create. The money here comes from selling something you made or sourced.

Moreover, you can leverage delivery and transportation companies, such as popular delivery services like Uber and Door Dash, looking to hire people who allow you to make money when it suits your schedule.

Create Passive Income

The idea of passive income is to reap financial rewards from an upfront investment while doing as little work as possible. An example is real estate. For instance, if you have a spare room in your house, you can rent it out to make extra money. Similarly, affiliate marketing is something you can get up and running quickly.

The one thing that differentiates passive income from other sources of income is that it will be a bit more in your control as you can directly link it to your business.

Typically, you will have to invest a bit of your time and resource upfront. However, once you have a final product you can sell, you can let it roll on its own. So, even if it requires a loan to start up, you can make your loan amount, interest rates, and then even some extra money back if you strategize correctly. An ideal type of loan to set up a passive channel of income is online payday loans.

Make Investing Fun

Ensure you take a disciplined approach to diversification and leverage buy-and-hold and dollar-cost averaging strategies. But also keep in mind, that investing doesn’t have to be challenging. You can make it fun – as well as educational, informative, and rewarding. In fact, I gave a inspiring TED Talk all about how fun is a high performance fuel – increasing your aptitude and productivity. 

As stated above, passive income and a side hustle will help you build wealth, and diversified income can offer protection against losing your primary income source due to economic downturns.

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