5 Best Mathematics Courses for College Students

5 Best Mathematics Courses for College StudentsMathematics is an inevitable academic course. Here are the five best mathematics courses for struggling college students.

Mathematics is often a major source of concern for a lot of college students. Many of them dread the sight of numbers and arithmetic calculations. A lot of them begin to source for extra lessons and courses to put them on track.

The internet has more than enough resources to help but it is quite difficult to filter out the effective ones. Some students get frustrated with skimming through endless courses that make no real impact.

There is no need to stress out or give up! That is why this article is here for you. 

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With this in mind I put together this quick guide to take you through five of the best mathematics courses for college students. Read on and enjoy!

MIT OpenCourseWare Mathematics

This mathematics course comes from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They offer several undergraduate courses for college students. It houses some of the best math video courses. The courses spread over various challenging mathematics topics.

You would also get extensive materials and assignments in PDF formats. The courses don’t also demand too much from you; you can take them in your free time. College students will find it very helpful because you are learning from some of the best in the world in the best learning environments.

Intro to Mathematical Thinking – Stanford University

The mathematical masterpiece from Stanford university takes mathematics to a new level. It will make you to see mathematical problems in a new light. This mathematics online help course equips students with the skills to tackle high school algebra questions in a moment. Committed college students will find themselves thinking like typical mathematicians once they are done with this course.

It gives you a think outside the box approach to see how mathematics applies to the real world. If you find yourself unusually despising math as a college student, this course would be a good eye-opener for you. You will get to learn interesting and easy ways to study difficult mathematical formulas from highly experienced and trained instructors.

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Algebra: Elementary to Advanced Specialization – John Hopkins University

 Mathematics Courses for College StudentsPerhaps you are having issues with algebra like a quadratic, polynomial, exponential equation, and the likes, this course is for your math learning. The interesting about this course is that it starts from the most basic concepts. So, if you feel like you deserve to make amends from the scratch, studying this would keep you updated.

You also get to learn from highly ranked academic teachers who know the ins and outs of math. For you to take it seriously, there are exercises and assignments and you get actual grades. There would also be practice quizzes, extra notes, and many more. Start today and learn at your own pace.

Introduction to Logic: Stanford university

College students that take math cannot deny the fact that logic is an unavoidable topic. The topic is so vast that it goes beyond the scope of mathematics alone. You will see logic in other fields like science, law, engineering, and many more. Your foundation in mathematical logic is very important; once you understand it, you will be able to tackle it in any other field.

This course would take you through solving problems in calculus, algebra, and other logic variations. Don’t be deceived by the course title that says the introduction to logic; this course takes you deeper. You will get better tips and tricks to learn maths and if you can take it seriously, you will notice a significant improvement in your academics.

This groundbreaking mathematics course from Stanford University would also keep track of your learning process with assignments and additional notes.

Calculus: Single Variable Part 1 – Functions: University of Pennsylvania

Mathematics college coursesCalculus is a wide topic that applies to many other areas of mathematics. This is why a basic understanding of the course is needed. The University of Pennsylvania has this course for college students that want to get a good grasp of what calculus entails.

Not only will it expose you to problems, but you also get to learn the reason behind most calculus equations and laws. Understanding the why behind these rules would level up your knowledge and problem-solving skills. This is only part one and the sequel continues up to four parts, however, this is one in which college students will relate well.

This course brings you some of the best online experiences with mathematics professors and high-ranked instructors. Taking it seriously would significantly level up your skillset.

Conclusion Best Mathematics College Courses

Online learning is coming into the academic space with full force. A lot of students prefer the comfort of online courses because they learn from a supposedly better environment. Mathematics is a very delicate subject that you must handle with care.

Although the best that online studying can do for you is to show you the way to approach certain topics in mathematics. You also have your part to play by practicing and mastering more problems beyond the scope of the courses. If you can achieve that, you will experience true progress and it would reflect in your good academic performance.

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