Get Your Home Cozy for This Coming Winter

Get Your Home Cozy for This Coming Winter

As the seasons change to colder weather, it’s a good idea to get your home cozy for this coming winter. Here’s 10 suggestions.

A cozy home is a happy home.

This is especially true in the winter when the weather is cooler, the days are darker, and it’s easier to slip into a funk or get the blues if you aren’t careful.

That’s why I’ve put together some simple ideas you can use to get your home cozy for this coming winter…

As you might know, I am a recovered stress sufferer – and truly know what it’s like to try to manage uncomfortable emotions during challenging times.

I wrote a bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm and founded the groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love sharing insights and strategies to help people stay calm, relaxed, healthy, happy – especially in tough times.

With this in mind I put together this quick guide to help you get cozy for this coming winter.

10 Ways To Get Your Home Cozy for Winter

1. Get your shag on

Yes, really. I know to a large extent shag pile carpet went out with the 70s, but there is no denying that when it comes to soft, warm, coziness shagpile carpets are hard to beat, and actually if you add them to your home in the form of rugs, rather than wall to wall carpeting, they can look fabulous while also ensuring that your feet are kept toasty warm. This is a particularly good idea if you have wooden or tiled flooring, but even if you have carpet already, adding a shagpile rug or two will take the coziness factor up a level.

2. Thicken up your window treatments

If you want to be able to keep the cold out this winter, then a really simple fix is to install heavier window treatments. This could be in the form of thick velvet carpets, or even better a nice set of window shutters from the likes of Shuttercraft. Shutters are great because they add an extra barrier to prevent heat from getting out in the winter or getting in when summer comes around, which means your home can always be kept at a more comfortable temperature.

3. Find your signature winter scent

A home that smells good is always cozier, and winter scents like cinnamon and gingerbread are amongst the coziest scents they are. So, a really good way to up the coziness factor in your home is to invest in winter-scented candles or maybe an aromatherapy diffuser and your favorite winter essential oils. Bun/infuse them whenever you’re at home and your space will not only smell great but feel calmer, warmer and more relaxing as a result, too.

4. Make your fireplace portable

How many fireplaces do you have in your home? If you don’t have one in every room then your home is never going to be as cozy as it could be. Of course, most of us DON’T have fireplaces in every room, and many of us don’t have any fireplace at all. Enter the portable fireplace! Yes, portable fireplaces really are a thing – just check out the Anywhere Fireplace – and they are perfect for bringing the kind of cozy toastiness that you want from winter to whichever space in your home you happen to be using at any given time. When it comes to home decor inventions, the portable fireplace is pretty hard to beat! 

5. Enjoy the scenery

Winter is a lot easier to enjoy if you fully embrace the season and the changes it brings. A nice way to do this in terms of your home interior decor is to bring in some of the natural world. For example, you could gather leaves, berries, and twigs and make your own winter wreath or wrap some foliage around your winter candles holders. This will make you appreciate the season more while also adding a cozy design touch to your space too.

6. Throw it on

Winter at home is all about snuggling up with a great book or TV show and a cup of hot chocolate, and you know what makes that particular activity even cozier than it already is? Throws and blankets. As well as being very useful on those cold winter evenings, throws and blankets add a certain soft coziness to the home toom which is why you should gather together as many of them as you can and throw them over the back of chairs and couches, over beds and so on. You could also fold several and leave them on a hardback chair to be grabbed whenever there is a need, while also softening the space they are in. Oh, and make sure there are plenty of comfy cushions and pillows available too.

7. Change the lightbulbs

Yes, changing the lightbulbs is an annoying task, especially when they are still working fine, but in the winter months when it’s typically darker, softer light is often cozier and less harsh on the eyes, so switching from harsh white light bulbs to more diffused orange hues will make a huge difference.,Of course, you could, at least some of the time, do away with the lights completely and use candles or battery-powered fairy lights to create a really magical atmosphere instead.

8. Put your green finger to work

If the gray days and cold climate is getting to you, something that can really brighten up your day not to mention your space is the presence of fresh plants and flowers. Not only will lush green plants and bright Fuschia flowers add the pop of color that you have been so desperately missing, but they are great for cleaning the air too, and they have even been shown to lower stress levels and boost happiness, so really every home should have a bit of foliage at any time of the year, not just winter.

9. Paint it bright

In a similar vein, adding a splash of color to youtube interior decor, if it isn’t already colorful. That is, can make the space seem cozier. There are a number of ways you can do this from adding a feature wall of bright wallpaper to painting an alcove in your favorite shade of yellow or blue, but if you’re feeling blue, it can really help to add some cheer to your space.

10. Rearrange the furniture

Rearranging your furniture so that it is grouped closer together, ideally around a fireplace, candle display, or something else cozy, is a really effective way of bringing the family together and generating warm feelings, both physically and mentally.

You deserve to be just as happy in your home this winter – as you do at any other time of the year. These tips will help you to create a home space that is more conducive to your happiness in the coldest months!

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