The Importance of Friends During Challenging Times

The Importance of Friends During Challenging TimesIf you’re going through challenging times, you need to recognize the importance of friends. Here’s why you should reach out for support. 

According to my favorite Greek philosopher Aristotle, we humans are biologically social animals.

Our first nature is to be around others!

However if you’re going through a challenging time (aka: a break up, a work rejection, a money problem, a trauma, a difficult illness, the passing of a loved one) often being around other friends feels much more like a 2,841st nature.

During challenging times, you gotta fight the urge to hide away.

In my bestselling book Think Happy, I share research which shows it’s far more healthful to be around friends during challenging times.

Dr. Dina Carbonell, a research associate at Simmons College, studied the secrets of people who successfully bounced back from hard times.

She tracked 400 people for 25 years, from ages 5 to 30, studying the main characteristics of those who did best in difficult circumstances.

The research on friends and challenging times?

“Resilient people identify those who are available, trustworthy and helpful. Then they go towards this light,” says Dr. Carbonell.

In psychologist Professor Ed Diener’s research he’s found that close relationships actually influence overall joy far more than income!

And good strong friendships can even ward off germs – by lowering stress, and improving your immune system.

good friends help in challenging timesA Bingingham University study dittos these findings – reporting people who claim to have 5 or more friends with whom they can discuss important problems, are 60% more likely to say that they are “very happy.”

According to Dr. John Haidt the urge for humans to seek the sweetness of other people is just as natural and strong as bees who migrate towards a honey hive.

Haidt believes we humans, just like bees, feel the most comfortable and thriving when we are members of a larger hive.

Hence why many folks feel so unsettled and lost when alone too often, without the comfort of others.

So if you want to feel at the top of your game, it’s essential to spend time buzzing around with supportive friends during challenging times!

So, seek out friends in challenging times!

Make sure you are playing the right amount of hide and seek!

friends support you in challenging timesFigure out who your sweet hive people might be.

Make a list of all the people you consider close friends.

Next, ask yourself:

  • Who’s 100% rooting for you to live your happiest life – and not competing or jealous?
  • Who do you always feel happier after visiting – not more depressed?

These are your your supportive hive people.

Go towards these hive people often!

Regularly let these sweet hive people know how much you appreciate them  – and your hive will further thrive!

Good friends double the good times, and halve the bad times.

One of the indirectly good things about going through bad times?

It can bring you closer to others, bonding you in a truly emotionally, meaningful way!

Cheer your friends onward and upward

If you have a friend going through a challenging time, cheer them up and cheer them on with my bestselling gift book: Friends Forever Whatever Whenever !

Think happier. Think calmer.

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