5 Sustainable Everyday-Use Products that Won’t Cost You the Earth

Sustainable Everyday-Use Products that Won't Cost You the Earth

If you care about the future of our planet (and our kids) then you will want to know about these sustainable everyday-use products – which won’t cost you the earth!

The truth is that single-use products can cost us the Earth, especially those that contain plastic. The solution? Switch to sustainable everyday-use products that will help us preserve the environment and make sure that our future generations will have access to the same resources.

Sure, disposable products provide us so much convenience, but we have to remember that our planet is not disposable.

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5 Sustainable Everyday-Use Products

Check out these recommended sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

1. Eco-friendly Coffee Mug

Do you drink coffee every single day? Then, you will love this eco-friendly mug! It comes with a lid to prevent spills, and it also has a straw slot. Plus, Hydro Flask is insulated, so it can keep your drink hot or cold for hours.

You will also love how sturdy it is, yet it is comfortable to touch and has a cute handle for easy carrying. The Hydro Flask insulated coffee mug is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

That is definitely way better than disposable coffee cups that can’t keep your drink hot, and would just add burden to our landfills. In Australia alone, about 60,000 kilograms of disposable coffee cups end up in their landfills each year. Imagine each of those cups containing plastic lining that won’t biodegrade.

2. Reusable Cutlery and Dinnerware

What’s great about reusable cutlery is that you already have it in your kitchen drawer, and chances are, you don’t need to buy a new set. So, say goodbye to disposable plastic forks and spoons. After all, these just add up to environmental pollution and then take thousands of years to decompose.

There are plenty of reusable dinnerware sets made from decomposable materials such as bamboo fiber, wood, and reusable silverware. For an indoor party, dinnerware made from sustainable silver can be great, for the outdoor chill lightweight tableware is better. Choosing reusable dinnerware made from bamboo fiber can be a great option for an outdoor party and not only for a party.

The next time you will be having food to go or delivered, inform the restaurant that you won’t be needing cutlery. But, what if you’re having a party? That’s alright! Get extra bonding time with loved ones during the after-party clean-up.

When preparing lunch for work, just pack reusable utensils with you to cut on waste. But if you would really like to invest in a travel set, To-Go Ware has a sustainable utensil set that can replace up to 1300 disposable utensils.

It’s made of bamboo, which is really durable and sustainably sourced. It is made to resist heat and stain, and it also comes with a case that is made of recycled plastic bottles.

3. Handkerchief

Here’s another sustainable everyday-use product that you already have at home. While commercially available disposable tissues are convenient to use, they are unfortunately not always recyclable. Furthermore, single-use tissue products are not sustainable, because they use a lot of resources during production.

Instead of adding to our already existing waste problem, swap disposable tissues for handkerchiefs. You can also do the same thing in the kitchen and dining area. Skip the disposable napkins, and use kitchen cloth towels instead to clean and wipe spills. You’ll be amazed by how many tissue products you saved on!

4. Solid Shampoo Bars

Plastic shampoo bottles that end up in landfills are not great for the planet. Plastic material absorbs toxins from the environment. Aside from adding to pollution, it harms our wildlife whether through ingestion or habitat contamination. In the US alone, 550 million shampoo bottles are dumped in landfills every year.

A great alternative to bottled shampoo products is solid shampoo bars. One bar of Ethique is equivalent to 3 bottles of liquid shampoo! It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and certified palm oil-free. Choose from variants such as unscented, for dandruff or scalp problems, for normal to dry hair, for kids, or for curly hair! What’s also great is that Ethique plants one tree for every order.

5. Washable Cotton Rounds

Another item that we use every day, especially in skincare, is disposable cotton in the form of rounds, balls, and pads. The problem is that disposable rounds are not sustainable. They need a lot of resources to make. For instance, every 1 kg of cotton that is produced uses about 20,000 liters of water.

Switching to washable cotton rounds is a great sustainable option. LastRound is made of natural and eco-friendly materials, unlike some cotton products that use chemicals such as pesticides.

Each pack of LastRound contains 7 reusable pads that are completely compostable. It also comes with a case that is made of Certified Recycled ocean-bound plastic. Use LastRound like you normally would use a disposable cotton round– such as for makeup removal and facial cleansing. And since it comes with a case, you can easily take it anywhere you go whether for business or pleasure!

Takeaway on Sustainable Everyday-Use Products

The choices we make and the products we use can cost us the Earth. It’s not too late to start switching to more environmentally friendly and, not to mention, healthier options. The key is to look for sustainable options for items that you use daily and to take small steps towards change by swapping disposable items for reusable ones.

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