How To Identify Your Learning Style To Help You Succeed

How To Identify Your Learning Style To Help You SucceedIf you want to succeed in school, work or life, it helps if you can identify your best learning style.

Note: This is a guest post by John J. Gregg 

When you can understand and identify your best learning style, you will be more likely to succeed at whatever you’re studying or working on.

Why? It’s because not all students learn the same way. At least they don’t learn best the same way. Hence it’s helpful when students figure out their dominant learning style. As a free essay writer, I know that they can use this knowledge to help them retain information from lectures and readings and to study and prepare for college tests.

How Auditory Learners Best Learn for College Success

Students who are auditory learners comprehend information most effectively when they hear it spoken aloud. As a result, they learn best by:

  • Listening to instructors’ lectures, rather than reading notes that have been scribbled on a board or looking at points in bulleted lists on PowerPoint presentations.
  • Reading aloud, not just assigned readings but also the notes they have taken in class.
  • Participating in study groups where they can discuss the material with other people.
  • Reciting information orally, for example, facts, dates, and quotes, when studying for tests.

How Kinesthetic Learners Best Learn for College Success

Students whose dominant learning style is kinesthetic best comprehend information through “hands-on” experience. This allows them to participate actively in the learning process. Plus, this is the best approach because, for kinesthetic learners, actions stimulate understanding and memory. As a result, kinesthetic learners learn best by:

  • Putting theory into action, for example, by hearing a lecture on creating a website then sitting down in front of a computer and implementing the steps involved in the process.
  • Participating in experiments or interactive simulations.
  • Writing information down, whether in a notebook or on a computer.
  • Relating information and material to real-life situations.

How Visual Learners Best Learn for College Success

Students whose dominant learning style is visual best comprehend information when they can see it because such learners visually imagine concepts to recall them. Therefore a reddit essay writing service states that visual learners learn best by:

  • Having instructors write information on the board and demonstrate concepts.
  • Taking notes then reviewing them.
  • Reading assignments.
  • Looking at graphs, drawings, and diagrams.
  • Viewing PowerPoint presentations, films, and other visual aids.

Adapting Learning Styles for Optimal Success in College

Regardless of a student’s dominant learning styles, there are steps any student can take to learn regardless of the instructor, the subject, the material, or other factors. These steps include the following:

  • Examine the “big picture” when learning new material – What is the main point? What are the most important facts? Why is the information important?
  • Get involved by asking questions in class and not hesitating to voice ideas.
  • Write down important facts and information. (Hint: If an instructor puts something on the board or a PowerPoint slideshow, or if he or she says, “This is important,” chances are it will appear on a test.)
  • Become an active listener by learning to concentrate and ignore distractions.
  • Think critically and make connections between ideas and concepts being presented.
  • Apply information to everyday life and personal experiences.
  • Use mnemonic devices to help retain information.
  • Learn to read for comprehension and retention.

In conclusion

Although some students are capable of utilizing all three learning styles, most students have a dominant style that enables them to learn best. Then again, even they usually exhibit flexibility in learning. For example, when listening to a lecture, most students are using auditory learning; when participating in lab projects, hands-on learning; and when observing a demonstration, visual learning. Again, though, as initially stated, most students have a “best” learning style, and by recognizing it, they will be more likely to succeed in college since they will be equipped to make the necessary adjustments that will enable them to learn best, regardless of the instructor, the material, or the course.

About the author: John J. Gregg is an experienced writer on essaywriter.nyc and fond of reading and playing the guitar. He dreams of traveling a lot and visiting as many countries as possible.

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