Have No Idea How to Title an Essay? Check This Guide!

Have No Idea How to Title an Essay? Check This Guide!If you find it too difficult to understand how to title an essay, then this manual below will become your useful source of information. Boost your writing skills!

A good essay title is particularly important because it aims to intrigue and engage your reader. A well-created title should make the reader want to study what you have written in your paper. No matter what kind of essay you are supposed to write, you will need to create a good title. If you find it too challenging to understand how to title an essay, I have created a handy manual that will help you cope with this task efficiently.

As you might know, I started my career working in New York’s top ad and marketing agencies – rising up quickly to Senior VP.

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As a bestselling author, I recognize the importance of a strong title for an essay – or book or video course! A strong title will tickle your audience’s curiosity. 

I am always creating quirky titles.

For example…

If you want to learn how to title an essay in a way that will make the reader want to read your work, you should definitely read this simple guide, because it includes a lot of handy tips.

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What Are the Main Qualities of a Good Essay Title?

Before you start working on the title of your essay, you will need to figure out what are the main attributes of a successful essay headline. As soon as you learn the key characteristics, you will be able to create a perfect title. So, a good title is always:

  1. Eye-catching. Although it may seem obvious, we assure you that not all writers follow this rule. No matter what subject you are exploring in your paper, its title should be maximally attention-grabbing. In the present-day world, when too much information is available, it is important to engage the reader;
  2. Believable. If you include fake information into your title just to attract your reader’s attention, you are wrong. Your professor will be definitely angry if your paper does not contain the information mentioned in your title;
  3. Easy-to-understand. If your title includes sophisticated concepts that may be unknown to your audience, most probably, they will not read your paper. Thus, you will need to do your best to make your title maximally simple and free from uncommon words;
  4. Written in the active voice. In accordance with the common rules of academic writing, your title should be written in the active voice;
  5. Accurate. In its essence, your title is a central idea of your paper that will be explored in the main parts of your essay. By writing an inaccurate title, you will mislead your audience, which will have a negative effect;
  6. Brief. Long titles are often confusing. Thus, you should do your best to simplify your headline.

As you can see, a good essay title has many important attributes. If you want your target audience to enjoy reading your essays, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to create good titles.

How to Make an Essay Title Look Great?

Now, when you are aware of the main characteristics of a good essay title, it is time to learn how to write it properly. If you are not able to create a good title at first, do not feel bad. Even the most skilled writers may experience writer’s block when it comes to titles. Instead of panicking, look at some suggestions below.

  • Write your title only when the main body of your paper is written. It may seem logical for you to write a title for your essay at the very beginning of the writing process. Still, we assure you that that this task is best done last as it will enable you to make the title maximally clear. Having the main body of your essay, you will understand what arguments and evidence are included in it. Therefore, you will find it easier to find the right words for your title. If you decide to write your title before you start writing your essay, we strongly recommend you review your headline after the writing process as the chances are high that you will need to fix it.


  • Make sure your title matches your thesis. A thesis statement is a central idea that is developed in your essay. A good title should match the thesis as it should convince your audience that your essay is worth reading.
  • Use popular phrases in your title. Popular phrases always grab the attention of the audience. However, you cannot just include a well-known phrase into your title, but you need to re-work it. This means that in addition to this phrase, you will need to include a part that will explain it.
  • Make sure your title matches the tone of your essay. If your essay aims to convince your target audience, your title should sound convincing as well. This means that a title for a personal essay about your childhood memories and a title for an analytical essay about human cloning will be written in a different tone. Pay attention that even if you want to make your title look witty, you will need to avoid using jargon as it is inappropriate in academic writing.


  • Use quotes. Although it is not a common rule, it is widely applicable by students. Good ideas expressed by other people may help you express your own ideas in an interesting way. The only thing you should always consider when writing a quote in a title is the authorship.
  • Sum up your essay in a title. As you probably know, a good title for an essay should help the reader understand what the essay is about.

If you find it too difficult to understand how to title an essay, look at some successful essay titles written by others. Chances are, looking through great titles will boost your creativity.

How to Create a Good Title for an Essay? Final Thoughts

A good title plays a significant role in essay writing. If you want to impress your audience, you will need to spend enough time creating an eye-catching headline.

Here’s a summary of key tips for creating a perfect essay title:

A good title….

  • is closely connected with the content of the essay.
  • always grabs the reader’s attention.
  • should define the tone of your essay.
  • does not include too sophisticated words that may confuse the reader.
  • always matches the thesis statement.

If you check some well-written titles, you will see that they always serve as hooks. If you experience some difficulties with creating a good-looking title for an essay, you should not be worried. After all, practice makes perfect. This means that you should practice your writing skills with every new essay. This strategy will help you make up great titles regardless of the subjects of your essays.

I hope that these suggestions will help you polish your writing proficiency and create excellent titles.

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