5 Ways To Get Rid Of Hard Water At Home

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Hard Water At HomeLet’s face it: for many reasons we should all do our best to get rid of hard water issues at home. After all, merely using hard water has a range of adverse effects on tools and equipment at home.

The same goes when you use hard water on your hair and skin.

So is there something you can do to solve your hard water issues?

Fortunately, there is.

For today, we will discuss several ways to get rid of hard water.

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Coming up in this article I will be sharing a range of solutions to deal with hard water issues –  such as boiling, using the best water softener, and so on.

In addition, I will talk about other water utility-related matters. So, let’s get started.

Defining What Hard Water Is

water healthy habitHard water is water that has not yet undergone any processes or steps to become safer and cleaner water.

Hard water is what comes from natural sources before it gets into your pipes and valves.

Due to water coming from numerous unprocessed locations, it contains all sorts of minerals, compounds, and other debris.

These compounds and minerals make it hard for water.

Once you use this type of water, it will have a dozen unwanted effects.

Such effects include the following:

  • Stains in your laundry
  • Clouded and textured skins and tubs
  • Dirty kitchen utensils
  • Pipe and valve clogging
  • Dull hair and dry skin after a shower
  • Stiff clothing after laundry
  • And so much more

5 Ways To Get Rid Of Hard Water

Now that you have an idea of what hard water is overall. So let’s get into the solutions. Here are our top five picks to solve your unprocessed water problems.

1. Using a water softener system

To utilize a water softening system in your home is the best – and convenient – method to eliminate hard water at home. Water softening is the process of eliminating unwanted material and compounds in hard water. The process makes it safe and usable. And a water softener system is any equipment that manages such a process. There are numerous kinds of water softeners, including salt-free water softeners and potassium chloride-based softeners. Each water softener variation has its share of features and costs.

2. Installing a whole house water softening system

A whole house water softener system is the next best thing you can do to bid farewell to hard water. Such a system will handle hard water as it comes from natural sources and clean it before it reaches your pipes, faucets, and valves. A whole house water system might be pricy, including installation. Wherever you live you can find a professional to help. For example any Chicago or New York or Toronto plumber would be able to install this with ease.  And the investment will be worth it in the long run. Plus while you’re exploring the system you can also do some general plumbing repair to improve your overall water pressure.

3. Magnetic water conditioners

The name sounds like it came straight out of a Star Trek episode, but that is not the case. A magnetic water conditioner utilizes a magnetic field to cleanse water. The only downside to water conditioners is that they do not totally soften the water. That is why they are only ideal for homes and properties that have slightly hard water issues.

4. Using hard water aid

drink that water memeWhen it comes to the water utility, soap is a must. But using hard water mixed with soap results in what we call soap scum. Soap scum is the white, solid build-up that you see in most fixtures. You can also find the build-up in sinks, tubs, tiles, and so on. That is where hard water aid comes in. You may opt for a formula that works best against hard water. There are all kinds of products that help eliminate hard water. But it is up to you to find the perfect one for your needs.

5. Boiling water 

It is as simple as boiling water to get rid of hard water temporarily. When you boil unprocessed water, the compounds and dissolved minerals will eventually precipitate. This method is the cheapest, albeit it will only handle your issues temporarily.

5 Benefits Of Getting Rid Of Hard Water

Having soft water at home can be one of the best feelings you will ever get as a homeowner. But did you know that there is more to it than you have a good time? Here are some of the advantages of handling hard water issues at home.

1. Safer and cleaner water

We all use water for our everyday routines. We have it for food, drink, farming, hygiene, maintenance, and so much more. So it is paramount to have safe and clean water for such purposes. Once you eliminate hard water for good, you will have a good time onwards. You don’t have to worry about debris, material, and other unwanted things in your water.

2. No more build-ups and damage

With hard water out of the way, your sinks, tubs, pipes, and valves will all be cleaner and free of any build-ups that result in clogs and damage. 

3. Better laundry

laundry funny memeWho does not want to put on fresh and clean laundry?

If you get rid of hard water, the clothes you wear after laundry feel soft. It will also be free from any icky sensations.

There is also less chance that you have to worry about dirt and other things in the clothing.

4. Better showers and baths

Hard water messes up your hair and skin by making it dry after you take a bath.

You don’t have to worry about that anymore once you fix your water problems. Your hair will be shinier, and your skin will be brighter. Take a shower today, and you’ll see the difference.

5. More cash to save

save waterHard water comes with hard consequences. So once you handle such a problem, you can save on some sweet cash. You don’t have to purchase new pipes or valves once they clog and rust.

You also don’t need to buy new clothes, thanks to processed water.

The same goes for any other appliance at home that utilizes water.

Plus: Here are the health benefits of water and the importance of hydration.

To Finish Things Off

Hard water can be quite an issue. But it is not impossible to overcome. There are numerous ways to get rid of hard water other than the ones mentioned. It would be your choice to find the best one that will suit your needs. But, whatever you choose, it should not have any negative impact on you or your loved ones anytime soon. (Related article: Benefits of Drinking Water!)

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