How To Make a Good Living As A Freelancer

How To Make a Good Living As A FreelancerIf you want to learn some key tips for how to make a good living as a freelancer, you’ve come to the right article. I know all about the ups and downs of freelancing on a very personal basis.

I started my career working in New York’s top ad and marketing agencies – rising up quickly to Senior VP.

But then I quit in my late twenties (to my parent’s horror) to pursue becoming a (hoped for) bestselling author. Plus I wanted to help people – in a more personal way – as a branding and marketing consultant.

Thankfully, my plan/dream worked out – and I now run a freelance business – creating and selling bestselling books, video courses (etc) and working with small businesses and authors to help them to grow more profitably!

success quickly slowlyAs a freelancer, you may feel growth is slow – and that you’re forever stuck in the same position that you’ve always been in. If you’re someone that has been doing this for a while, you may wonder how you can shake this up a bit more!

Maybe you’ve had the same clients for a while now – or you’ve been working on the same kinds of projects? If so, then you can feel like you’ve stagnated and you’re not really sure how to get to the next level.

 But you have to remember that being self-employed gives you a lot of power. Even if you don’t have a traditionally clear career path, you are in control. You’re able to progress in any way that you want. One survey shows that 99% of freelancers feel happy at least to some extent.

5 Tips To Make a Good Living As A Freelancer

There are lots of ways that you can grow, progress, and really make a good living as a freelancer. Here are 5 key tips!

1. Set Goals For Yourself

To start with, you might want to make sure that you have some goals for yourself. If you don’t have anything in place now, you might feel a little lost. Try to think about where you want to take things and different strings you could add to your bow to help you grow.

learn skills freelancer2. Look For Different Clients

If you’ve worked for a lot of clients for a long time, you may feel a little stagnant. So why not pitch for more? Think about looking for different kinds of clients or pitching for those that you’d really love to work with. It can be exciting for you.

3. Learn New Skills

It’s also a good idea to keep on pushing yourself and growing, so learning a new skill could be great for you. Think about something like the lean learning center and how it could be for you. This could even allow you to grow your offering and progress in yourself.

4. Change The Services You Offer

Maybe you could even shake up the services that you offer too. You don’t have to stick to the same ones. You can rebrand them or repackage them. Apply new things that you’ve learned. Or you can even follow trends and pick up new services as they start to become popular.

know your worth as a freelancer5. Increase Your Rates

Finally, you might want to take a look at increasing your rates here too. It can seem scary, but you just have to make sure they reflect your value. You will then find clients that are willing to pay for the work that you offer. Do this every so often, such as once or twice a year.

As much as it can seem like you don’t really have much of a chance to progress as a freelancer, the opposite is actually true. You have to remember that the world is your oyster. And you have the power to progress as you see fit.

Just think about what you’d like to do to get to the next level and where you’d like to take your career, then get started with it.

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