7 Kitchen Essentials for a Small Kitchen 

7 Kitchen Essentials for a Small Kitchen Learn how to do a lot in a little space with these 7 essentials for anyone who has a small kitchen and want to cook at their best.

You might need to get a little bit creative with things like storage and multi-tools that can do several things in one.

But it’s certainly possible to make the most of a small space. I know this personally – as someone who lives in New York – where space is a limited commodity.

7 Kitchen Essentials for a Small Kitchen

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling book called Happy Habits.

Inside my book I share a range of habits which boost happiness. And cooking is one of my research-backed and highly recommended happy habits.

In this article I will explain more about 7 kitchen essentials you need for a small kitchen to help you to become a super good cook.

1. A Quality Chef’s Knife 

No matter how big your kitchen is, every amateur and budding chef alike should have at least one quality chef’s knife in their arsenal for cutting and chopping foods. 

You can usually find some decent yet reasonably priced knife block sets which come with their own holder to save even more space and to prevent your countertops being cluttered. You can also hang knives to save additional space – just make sure that they’re secure!

2. Stackable Pots and Pans

If you’re low on available space, having pots and pans that can be stacked on top of each other will make it much easier to store them when not in use. It’s best to choose a set with a variety of sizes for different dishes which will allow you to stack them away neatly and easily.

There are several nifty ways you can store pots and pans if they’re not stackable, such as hanging them off the back of your cupboard doors or next to the cooker on command strips.

3. Pasta and Other Pantry Staples

Have a look at some of the best pasta brands and stock up on things like rice, canned beans, and other pantry foods with a long shelf life to save on room in your fridge. 

You can also purchase additional trays or baskets to keep certain types of food grouped together for more organized pantry storage, or they can even be stored in a different part of your home if absolutely necessary due to their more flexible storage requirements.

4. Mini-Food Processor 

Food processors are an essential part of any kitchen due to their incredible versatility, so it makes sense to opt for a mini-food processor if your kitchen space is on the smaller side as you can still benefit from its uses without having to sacrifice too much kitchen space.

An alternative option is to buy a multi-purpose blender or kitchen appliance, but these are often much larger in size which can make them more difficult to store when not in use. 

5.Prepare a pair of gloves

There are currently three main types of dishwashing gloves on the market. The first is natural latex + PVC, the second is a synthetic rubber, and the third is silicone.

The first type is because of the addition of PVC.

PVC is not an environmentally safe material. This is especially true when washing dishes will use hot water. PVC will emit harmful substances when heated, and if these remain on the tableware, it will cause danger to the human body.

The second type of synthetic rubber has a heat resistance and good anti-slip properties.

But the material is not too soft, the durability is average, and it is prone to breakage.

The third type of gloves made of silica gel is the best.

The gloves used by doctors during surgery are also made of silica gel. They are safe and harmless, resistant to high and low temperatures, high in quality, and affordable and are available in different types of gloves.

6. Measuring Cups and Spoons

Another essential for your kitchen is measuring cups and spoons, which typically do not take up that much space in the first place. However, like with your pots and pans, you can look for stackable versions that make them even easier to store as they’ll slot into each other nicely. 

You could also use a few command strips to store your measuring cups and spoons on the wall or on the back of your kitchen cupboard’s doors to keep your countertop clean and clutter-free – just make sure that you keep them somewhere within reaching distance! 

7. Leak Proof Tupperware or Food Containers

If cooking in your kitchen is a bit of a nightmare due to the size of the space you have to work in, then you might prefer to batch cook one or twice a week and store the leftovers rather than trying to squeeze in there and cook something new every night of the week. 

In that case, you’ll definitely need to invest in some leak proof tupperware or some airtight food containers so you can keep your leftovers looking and tasting as fresh as when you made it. Tupperware Australia is now direct to consumer so anyone could go buy them. Just make sure you have enough room in your fridge/freezer to store them…

8. Basic Cooking Utensils

When you’re working with a small space, it’s best to stick to the basics rather than kitting out your kitchen with a complete chef’s set when it’s not really necessary. Make sure you have the basic cooking utensils, like a spatula and a spoon, with slotted versions of each. 

Beyond that, however, you don’t really need much else. You can buy your utensils separately or purchase them as a set, which will usually come with a container or pot to keep them in which saves space on your counters. Alternatively, you can hang them on the wall. 

Final Thoughts on Small Kitchen Essentials

Don’t despair if your dream home doesn’t come with your dream kitchen, or if your rented place doesn’t offer a lot in the way of cooking space. With these 7 kitchen essentials, you should still be able to get around a kitchen with little to no trouble. 

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