Choosing a Career That Will Last a Lifetime

Choosing a Career That Will Last a LifetimeChoosing a career that lasts a lifetime is like picking a Netflix show to commit to – it’s a serious decision, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to end up watching the job equivalent of a show that gets canceled after one season.

So, how do you pick a career that’s more “Friends” and less “Freaks and Geeks” (gone too soon)?

I’m here to help with tips to help you choose a career that will last a lifetime.

I am sharing these tips from personal experience. I’m a bestselling author and entrepreneur.

I built a brand that has been successful for over 30 years! In fact, my brand has not only withstood the test of time. I started to see my most profitable days when I hit my 60’s.

8 Tips for Choosing a Career That Will Last a Lifetime

Why do we keep choosing things that don't make us happyHere are a few things that will certainly help:

1. Play to Your Strengths

What’s Your Superpower? First, figure out what you’re good at. And no, I don’t mean your uncanny ability to name all the Kardashians in reverse age order. Think about skills that could translate into a career. Are you a people person? A whiz with numbers? Can you write like Hemingway after a couple of mojitos? Your strengths are a compass pointing toward your ideal career.

2. Passion or Paycheck

The Eternal Dilemma: Let’s talk passion versus paycheck. Ideally, you want a career that feeds your soul and your bank account. But if you find yourself having to choose, remember, passion is like a gourmet meal – satisfying, but you can’t eat it every day. A paycheck is like bread and butter – maybe not thrilling, but it keeps you going.

3. Research: Not Just for School Papers

Do your homework. Research industries and job roles. This isn’t just some boring assignment; it’s detective work where the mystery is your future. Look into job stability, growth opportunities, and salary trends. After all, nobody wants to train for a career that will be done by robots in five years.

4. The Healthcare Option: Always in Demand

If you want to succeed in your work, here are tips to show you how to be more confident in your career.Consider healthcare if you are looking for a career with longevity. Why? Because people will always get sick, so you are always going to have a job no matter what other industries fall, and of course,  there’s a role for almost every skill set from this phlebotomy training program to becoming a dentist. Plus, you get the added bonus of helping people, which is like getting emotional brownie points.

5. Get Experience: Test Drive Your Career

Try before you buy. Get experience in fields you’re interested in. Intern, volunteer, shadow – do whatever it takes to get a taste of the job. It’s like a free sample at the grocery store; sometimes you discover you love gourmet cheese, and other times, you realize tofu just isn’t for you.

6. Lifelong Learning: Keep Your Brain Buff

Embrace the idea of lifelong learning. The job market is like a game of musical chairs with the music speed increasing every year. Stay adaptable, keep learning, and you’ll always have a chair when the music stops.

7. Networking: It’s Not Just for Extroverts

Network, network, network. And no, it’s not just for the ultra-chatty. It’s about forming connections that could lead to opportunities. It’s like LinkedIn, but in real life.

8. Trust Your Gut (But Maybe Not After Taco Tuesday)

Lastly, trust your gut. Sure, it’s not scientific, but sometimes your instincts know you better than your brain does. Just maybe don’t make big decisions right after Taco Tuesday.

Recap: Choosing a career for life 

If you’re hoping to choose a career that will last a lifetime, it doesn’t have to be a leap into the unknown. With a bit of soul-searching, research, and maybe a couple of tacos for good measure, you’ll find a path that’s rewarding, stable, and maybe even a little bit fun. Here’s to finding your dream job – or at least one that doesn’t make you hit snooze seven times every morning! If you’re looking for 1 on 1 coaching support – to help you to build a career that lasts a lifetime… sign up for a free exploratory call with me here. 

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