Unique Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Unique Ways To Update Your BathroomWhen thinking of unique ways to update your bathroom, make sure the additions are safe, practical, and that they’ll hold up over time.

If you’re moving into a new home or if you just need a change of appearance, there are always unique ways to update your bathroom.

Sometimes all it takes is improved lighting, while other decorating tips may be more time consuming and expensive.

Regardless, no matter if it’s the small details or the large ones, take a look around your bathroom and see what needs updating. 

As you might know, I’m the author of the bestselling book Happy Habits. Inside my book I share a range of habits which boost happiness.

In my research, I learned that creating a home which feels like a sanctuary is a big predictor of happiness. With this in mind, let’s look at unique ways to update your bathroom.

Make the Bathroom Seem Larger

The Tub

Giving yourself more room can be accomplished in several ways. The first, and probably the best way to get more room, is to remove the bathtub. This only applies if you don’t get much use out of it, of course—there’s no reason to get rid of something you use all the time. But if you find you’re not using it as much as you used to, the space can be used for something else.

The Shelves

Replacing your shelving with glass can also help in a number of ways, but it can also help make the space open up. The glass gives the appearance of less space being taken up by giving a clear view of the wall. 

Different Lights To Consider

Ambient Lighting

Typically the main light source in the bathroom, ambient lighting must properly illuminate the entire bathroom. Without ambient lighting there will be too many cast shadows, making it harder and less safe to move.

Task Lighting

Task lights are more specific lighting. They’re restricted to a small area to shine the most amount of light onto one area for a single task.

Accent Lighting

Somewhat of a mix between the two previous light styles, accent lights are more used to spotlight decorations and other features in the bathroom.

Choose the Right Tiles

The Right Texture

This one can be a tricky balancing act. On one hand, you don’t want to invest in shower tiles that are too smooth and slippery, as that can only end in disaster. On the other hand, a tile that’s too rough will trap grime easier and require more frequent cleaning.

The Right Design

The next obstacle is to determine what kind of design you want to incorporate. Depending on other decorations, even a plain white tile can disrupt the color theme of the bathroom. Finding something  both functional and appealing may require you to shop around a little, but a safer tile is a higher priority than a prettier tile.

Form Follows Function

However you decide to update your bathroom, make sure that it is, at its core, safe and practical. The bathroom can be a safety hazard without actively thinking about it. Don’t sacrifice safety for aesthetics. 

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