Bad Drug Lawsuits: Know Your Legal Rights For Drug Complications

bad drug lawsuitDo you have the right to explore Bad Drug Lawsuits? It’s important to know your legal rights for drug complications.

When we take medication, we expect to get better. We don’t expect the drug to have an adverse impact. 

However, there are occasions where this happens, especially with certain medications – or if you were prescribed the wrong medication

If the manufacturers and advertisers are at fault, then you have legal rights.  In fact, you might even have a case for a bad drug lawsuit claim.

Bad Drug Lawsuits: Know Your Legal Rights

Coming up we’ll look at different types of cases that become bad drug lawsuits.

Information On Medical Marijuana Legal Rights

Were you given a bad strain of marijuana for medical purposes? Did you end up being addicted because you shouldn’t have been prescribed what you were given?

If so, you have rights to explore a bad drug lawsuit.

Plus you can ask the prescriber to fund your going to a marijuana addiction treatment center 

Information On Essure Lawsuit Settlements

Onglyza was developed to combat type 2 diabetes by Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca. Onglyza, which is also known as saxagliptin, managed to gain FDA approval, despite the fact that there were a lot of initial concerns in regards to cardiovascular safety of the medication.

These concerns stemmed from a post-marketing safety study, which determined that Onglyza increased the risk of heart failure, and even death.

With this in mind, if you have taken Onglyza and fallen ill, you may be entitled to compensation. You can launch a claim for all damages, including emotional trauma, loss of income, and much more.

Plus, an Onglyza settlement may also be reached if a loved one has passed away due to taking the medication. You can ask for the company to fund funeral expenses as well as any costs associated with losing a loved one.

Information On Essure Lawsuit Settlements

Essure is a permanent birth control implant, which is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. It was approved in 2002 as a high-risk medical device.

According to the manufacturer, more than 750,000 women decided to have these implants. Unfortunately, a lot of these women have suffered alarming and even devastating side effects. As a result, many are now launching personal injury claims against the manufacturer.

Sadly there have been a shocking number of severe complications reported due to Essure. These include everything from fetal deaths to fatality by infection to damage to internal organs. Plus there are many uncomfortable common symptoms – including unintended weight loss, allergic reactions, migraine headaches, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and persistent pain. 

If you have suffered due to Essure, you should know that you are not alone. Essure has been available for roughly 13 years in the United States. In this time, it has received over 5,000 complaints.

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