Tips for Dealing With the Trauma of a House Fire

Tips for Dealing With the Trauma of a House FireA house fire is a devastating experience for anybody unfortunate to experience one—leveling homes in its wake and traumatizing many survivors for life.

There are few things as terrifying as living through a house fire, forced to watch as the life you have painstakingly built goes up in flames.

This experience scars many.

It can leave you in a state of shock as you desperately grasp for some measure of control and normalcy.

But you can take steps to help put your world back together.

As you might know, I am a recovered anxiety sufferer who wrote a bestselling meditation guide called Instant Calm and founded the popular video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I personally know what it’s like to feel stressed and anxious. Thankfully I also know how to develop the superpower of calm – even during tough times.

I’m committed to helping people to live calm, happy lives  – which is why I decided to put together this helpful list of ten tips for dealing with the trauma of a house fire.

1. Accept Your Reality

As challenging as this seems, you have to accept the reality of your situation. There are no actions you can take to undo the damage. Acknowledging this is the first step in moving on with your life.

2. Don’t Assign Blame

It is natural to want to blame yourself or others for the fire. Doing so isn’t going to help the situation, so avoid the practice whenever possible.

3. Get Rest

Along with rising emotions, survivors must contend with elevated levels of stress and adrenaline during waking hours, making a good night’s rest crucial to the mental and physical healing processes.

4. Make Small Choices…

With so much second-guessing following a fire, you may struggle with a lot of self-doubts. Making small choices and sticking with your decision makes the big ones easier.

5. … But No Major Life Changes

But now is not the time to rush into any life-altering decisions. Give your emotions and hormones time to balance before doing anything drastic.

6. Don’t Isolate Yourself

Isolation is an easy trap to fall into after a fire and often leads to bouts of depression and anxiety. Avoiding isolation is key to preserving your mental health.

7. Get Support

Find support, be it in the form of therapy or a support group. It is important to research the fire remediation company you intend to hire to ensure they can adequately handle the job.

8. Lower Expectations

There is no timetable or roadmap you can follow after a house fire. Remember that, with few exceptions, there is nothing you need to be doing at any given moment.

9. Focus on Positives

With so much bad news falling in your lap following a house fire, it becomes easy to sink into a deep depression. But instead of focusing on what you lost, try focusing on the positives by remembering everything you still have.

10. Take Time To Grieve

To round out our tips for dealing with the trauma of a house fire is one of the most critical messages you need to hear during this time: give yourself time to grieve. Even if everybody escaped safely, it’s OK to feel grief for all that you lost.

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