Reasons Women Have Thinning Hair—and What To Do About It

reasons why women have thinning hairIf you’re looking for the reasons women have thinning hair, you’ll find you are not alone, and you have options.

You may have written it off as a bad hair day. Or month. You may have told yourself that all you need is a good blowout.

But at some point, you admitted it: Something is going on with your hair. There’s less of it, and it’s definitely a bummer.

But the truth is that there are a lot of reasons women have thinning hair.

Confession: I am one of these women.

And when I shared about my thinning hair on Instagram – many women joined in that they too are suffering this same thinner hair destiny!

If you follow my work, then you know I’m a late in life mom (born in 1960) who wrote a bestselling book on longevity, Life is Long.

I love sharing lots of cutting edge info on how to slow down the aging process and live longer, healthier, younger.

So when I began to notice my hair thinning, I went into research mode!

Thinning Hair Happens To A Lot of Women

Everyone’s hair growth fluctuates throughout their lives, usually during hormonal changes. Remember your amazing hair after you gave birth? Hair loss is the other side of that deal. But if you’re hunched behind your computer for secrecy while searching, “What did I do in a past life to deserve this?” we need to tell you: You’re overreacting.

About half of all women experience noticeable hair loss in the years surrounding menopause.

There’s no reason to feel self-conscious or less than gorgeous. Of course, your hair is part of your identity, and we tend to associate “Charlie’s Angels” hair with youth, health, and desirability. But that was a lie. We are not our hair, and we are not alone.

Possible Causes Of Thinning Hair

In addition to hormones, several factors can affect your hair growth. Ethnicity, genetics, a predisposition to female pattern baldness—it can all gang up on your follicles.

If you have alopecia, you know that it’s inherited and probably triggered by stress.

You may be lacking nutrients in your diet that affect your hair, so stock up on spinach, avocados, and eggs.

With age, your hair inevitably becomes more brittle and prone to breakage, which explains why you can’t grow it to your butt anymore.

Check with your doctor to make sure your hair loss isn’t indicative of a health issue. 

You Can Disguise Thinning Hair if You Want

You can choose to rock your thinning hair, in the same spirit as those women who embrace their newly silver hair, end up looking better than ever, and get recruited to model for Chico’s. No, we’re not that lucky, either, and we get it if you want thickness now. It’s okay to want lustrous locks, and there are tricks that can help:

  • try bangs
  • lighten your color
  • apply voluminizer
  • choose the best hair products
  • back-comb at your crown
  • use hair powder to fill in sparse patches.
  • try wigs and hair extensions

If you haven’t tried hair extensions yet, you’re missing out. J.Lo made fake hair cool years ago.

There are also wigs with real hair that will make you wish you went bald ages ago, lightweight locks you can clip in without damage, and everything in between. You don’t have to commit permanently, and your stylist can custom-color it to blend seamlessly in with your natural hair.

Whether or not you care about the reasons women have thinning hair, let your changing locks set you free to try new looks. Your hair has reinvented itself, and so can you.

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