How to Prevent Injuries for Better Health And a Longer Life

prevent injuriesI want to help you prevent Injuries – because they can drain you both physically and emotionally. Stop wasting time with preventable pain and harm – and start enjoying better health and a longer life.

This life is what you make it. While you can’t always predict the future or control external factors, there are simple steps you can take to ensure you live a longer, healthier life.

By no means I am suggesting you live the rest of your life in a protective bubble. However, there’s nothing wrong with minimizing risks and learning how to prevent injuries. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to live longer and have a higher quality of life?

How to Prevent Injuries to Better Health And Longer Life

A simple injury can change the entire course of your life. Whether it’s an accident at work or a being involved in a vehicle collision on your way home. Fortunately, we can avoid most accidents and injuries with preventive measures.

Keep reading for my top tips on how to avoid unnecessary, preventable injuries.

1. Stay Healthy

You may not realize it, but how you take care of your health plays a major role in your life expectancy and quality of life. This includes both your physical and mental health.

As you might know, I  wrote a bestselling longevity book, Life is Long – which offers cutting edge research on living longer, healthier, younger.

In my research I kept reading about how staying fit now will help you stay far more functional long into your aging years.

Unfortunately, the less active and healthy you are now, the more prone to injury and physical limitations you’ll be in the future.

Additionally, someone who takes care of their mental health is less likely to adopt unhealthy or dangerous habits. They’re also less likely to cope by overeating or fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

2. Stay Limber

How can you prevent injuries when exercising?

Stay limber and listen to your body – by doing a little bit of yoga regularly. (You can also do simple stretching exercises as well.)

Staying limber is incredibly important in learning how to prevent injuries. Stretching, practicing regular exercise and ensuring that you are on top of these things every single time you work out will ensure that you stay away from any type of injuries. You deserve to feel flexible and agile, not succumb to arthritis in shoulders or other injuries that come without practicing being as limber as possible. Arthritis can happen to anyone at any age, but by taking care of your body while you are young, you can ensure that you avoid any pain or injuries for the foreseeable future. You want to make sure that you avoid any kind of injuries, and prevention is always better than cure!

The more flexible and agile you are, the less likely you are to hurt yourself performing day-to-day activities. This is especially important for athletes and weightlifters.

3. Take Necessary Precautions

Next, learning how to prevent injury means making sure you’re adhering to safety precautions. Regardless of how mundane the activity is or how experienced you are, accidents happen in everyday life all the time.

For example…

  • wear your seatbelt when you’re in a vehicle
  • put on a helmet while biking
  • look both ways when crossing the street

This also applies to your duties at work. However, if you are injured at work, be sure to find competent workers comp doctors to help you through the healing and recovering process.

4. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

avoid injuries stay healthyImproving our life expectancy isn’t just about learning how to avoid injuries. It’s also about learning how to avoid major health risks.

For the happiest and longest life, avoid picking up habits like…

While there’s nothing wrong with some things in moderation, addiction is rarely a contributing factor to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

Finally, you can learn how to prevent injuries simply by avoiding unnecessary risks. Don’t speed through an intersection to catch a yellow light before it turns red. Don’t go scuba diving with sharks for the pure thrill of danger.

I’m not saying you can’t live a little! Just be safe about it and don’t get sucked into adrenaline-fueled risky behaviors.

Live your Healthiest Life

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