How To Spruce Up Your Denim Jeans

how to spruce up denim jeansHave you been wearing the same old bland pair of denim jeans over and over? Follow these tips for how to spruce up your denim jean collection.

Denim jeans certainly aren’t a new fashion trend. But the same old pair of denim jeans can drag your wardrobe down. Follow these tips for how to spruce up your denim jeans. You’ll shake up your wardrobe without having to ditch the denim altogether. 

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Add a Funky Pattern or Color To Your Denim Jeans

Adding a unique pattern to your jeans can bring life to some bland denim. Try adding some colorful or black lace to an old pair of jeans or a pattern to the back pockets for a more subdued change. If you’re looking for a fresh start, purchase a patterned pair of jeans. From simple stripes to neon colors and painted denim, there are plenty of unique jeans to choose from.  

Add Some Studs To Your Denim Jeans

Studs are the perfect way to add a subtle pop to your jeans. Cuff your jeans and add studs to the cuffs or try lining the outside seams of your jeans with a single line of studs.  

Combine Two Pairs Of Jeans Into One 

Make your jeans pop with multiple jean patterns. Cut an old light wash pair of denim jeans and add them in patches to your new dark wash pair. Aren’t looking to rip up any of your current pairs of jeans? Take a trip to the local thrift store to find a cheap pair you won’t mind cutting up or search for patches you can add to your jeans instead.  

Try Bleach Dying Denim Jeans

Bleach dying is just like tie-dying only with bleach instead of colored dyes. With a darker wash pair of denim, bleach dying will leave lighter bleaches sections of your jeans for a new look. The more water you use, the more faded the initial color will be. Choose a heavily diluted solution for a softer transition between patterns or a strong bleach solution for a bold pattern.  

Adding patterns or studs and combining different washing are a few simple ways to spruce up your denim jeans.  

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