Continuing Quarantine: Tips for Coping With Cabin Fever

Tips for Coping With Cabin FeverIf the cabin fever is starting to really get into your mind, we have a couple of tips for surviving staying inside while the quarantine continues.

While we’re all still stuck inside our homes, it may seem like life is at a stand-still. However, stagnation is one of the most harmful things for your mental health. It should be addressed as soon as possible.

In my book Happy Habits I explain how your life is the sum of the habits you do most often. If you want to improve your life, then you gotta improve your habits.

While the quarantine continues, here are a few happy habits you should adopt to help you cope with cabin fever.

Stay Active

work out hobbyWhen restlessness starts to set in, sitting around doing more of nothing is not going to help. If you’re starting to get the cabin fever shakes, you gotta get up and get active.

Exercise is a mood changer. Every time. I do it for sanity – not just vanity.

When you’re regularly physically active you will find yourself feeling more in a happy mindset.

Ideas to get moving –  to reset your brain and get the blood flowing again:

  • go for a quick/brisk walk
  • dance to your favorite music
  • do some yoga – with a Youtube video as your instructor
  • do some traditional sit ups and push ups

Get Outside

walk yourself out of a bad moodRemember, the outdoors are still out there – and safe to enter as long as you take proper precautions.

If it starts to feel like the walls are closing in on you, getting back out into nature can be a fantastic change in your day. 

Not only do you get some fresh air, but you get natural vitamin D from the sun and it helps you move more.

Best of all, studies show that even a mere 10 minute walk can boost your brain chemistry and increase happiness.

If you’re going to walk – then do so briskly. Research also reports that people who tend to walk a bit faster tend to live a bit longer. (Research here!)

food to make you feel betterRemember To Eat Not Too Much Or Too Little

The malaise of the same setting over and over again can affect you in unexpected ways. You might find that you are skipping meals, either as a form of weight loss or just genuinely forgetting. Eating full meals is essential to your health.

Some people are also stress eating during this time – and binging on unhealthy foods. If this is you, then you might want to check out my groundbreaking video course, Stop Emotional Eating.

Don’t let the cabin fever get to you. Be sure you’re eating the right amount  – of the right kinds of foods.

If you want to know more specifically what foods and seasonings and beverages to indulge in to feel better daily – and slow down the aging proces – check out my bestselling longevity book: Life is Long.

Train Your Brain

brainFalling into bad habits like watching too much TV is easy to do when you’re stuck in one place for so long.

Fight back against the urge to laze around doing nothing all day.

Here are some ideas to break up the day and keep your brain sharp:

Set Goals and Keep Them

If you want to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of all your days bleeding together, then you should set goals. 

When you set goals, you’re you have something to look forward to. This is especially important when you’re working from home.

Goal setting is an important life skill no matter what, but when we’re all stuck in our homes, it becomes even more crucial to our health.

Hopefully, these tips for coping with cabin fever will help you feel more like yourself after all this time spent inside. Remember that it is okay to not feel completely yourself right now. You just gotta keep doing the best you can – and be proud of every positive step forward you choose to take!

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