Best Coronavirus Quotes and Covid 19 Inspiration And Sayings

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I want to help you to get through this challenging time, so I created a range of the best Coronavirus quotes, and Covid 19 inspiration and sayings – with images.

Feel free to use these coronavirus quote images as free wallpaper.

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Best Coronavirus Quotes and Covid 19 Inspiration and Sayings

I’m both a bestselling author and award winning designer – and personally created each of these Covid 19 quote images below!

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New normal. Some days I’m happy. And some days I’m scared. Plus some days I’m calm. And some days I’m anxious. Some days I’m positive and hopeful. And usually all of this is on the same day. – Karen Salmansohn


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I can’t wait for all of this to pass so I can return to social distancing on my own terms. – Karen Salmansohn


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I used to rush around from one thing to another, always so busy, busy, busy. When all of this ends (and it will), I hope when I’m outside I remember to appreciate all the beauty around me and the joy of in-person (phone-free) conversations. – Karen Salmansohn


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covid 19 quote inspiration


coronavirus quote inspiration

The phone you are reading this on can bring you fear (overload of awful news) or love (loads of awesome connection). Use it for the latter as a ladder to joy. – Karen Salmansohn


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coronavirus memes jokes

Self care tip. Breathe. Focus your mind on all the things that don’t totally suck right now. – Karen Salmansohn


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coronavirus quote inspiration

Just because it is not happening right now, doesn’t mean it never will.


coronavirus quotes


covid 19 inspiration

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your true power is. – Karen Salmansohn


coronavirus memes jokes

Apparently this year is being written by Stephen King.


coronavirus inspiring quote stress

Today I refuse to stress myself out about things I cannot control. – Karen Salmansohn


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Bonus Coronavirus Quote Image

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You know what’s sexy? A person who’s been through a life challenge and comes out with insights, more depth, and a fiery passion to face forward, forward, forward! – Karen Salmansohn

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