Why I View Myself as a Glad Scientist

I’m excited to tell you about my weekly newsletter.

Behind the scenes, I jokingly call it “The Glad Scientist.”


Well, I’m a curious person.

I view the world as my laboratory.

Everything I’ve gone through I view as “life experiments.”

Yes, some “life experiments” have (at times) blown up in my face.  But, hey, I’m a “Glad Scientist.” I learn a happiness lesson each time – and become all the wiser!

I view whatever happens to me in life as “an assignment” – with a lesson to teach. And I love to write about all I’m learning in a humorous way – because I feel humor is a great enlightening agent. It loosens up the ego’s grasp  – so you can reach for better perspectives and more insights.

(Psssst… Quirkie factoid: Jon Stewart has read/loved my writing – and personally told me he laughed lots while reading it. He even gave me an approved “blurb” to share on my books, site etc…– in which he said: “Karen Salmansohn has the spirit and sass of a stand up comic.” )

Each week in my newsletter I share a personal story of something new I’ve learned in that gigantic petrie dish called “My Life.”

Or… I share actual psychological or biological research studies – because I’m a voracious reader!

In particular, I love gobbling up studies on: boosting happiness, bouncing back from a challenge, raising happy/confident kids, sticking to resolutions, becoming happier in love, finding your purpose, increasing your self-love, upgrading your monetary-blueprint – and more! 

Basically, I’m a passionate student of life – and I’m excited to share with you all the good stuff I’m learning – and unlearning!

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