How Clearing Space Creates Calm and Clarity 

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There’s magic in clearing space physically – which helps us to clear space emotionally, mentally, spiritually. We see more, feel more, become more. 

Note: This is an inspiring essay by Shana Lundell

Clear mind, clear space, clear heart = clear being. 

Less is more. It allows room to be. Space to breathe.  Unobstructed views to see. Openings to feel. 

It is common to want to collect and accumulate things.

We hope that when we add stuff to our space, then we will create comfort.

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Or we will at least avoid the current discomfort that we so desperately want to push past. 

Oh, this beautiful vase or painting will bring my space and me joy when I gaze upon it. 

And, this duck with blue and white polka dot rain boots named Henry is fantastic. It is too cute and makes me smile. It brings me joy. 

Oh golly, miss molly, I MUST have these bicycle bookends as a reminder that I love to ride my bike and the happiness that brings me.  I just know that when I see these bike bookends I will remember how much I love to bike – and possibly bike more. What a brilliant idea!  

Ohhhhh, this angel ornament! I simply cannot possibly resist it – as it reminds me of my late mom and it will comfort me so I must have it. 

I think you have gotten the point I am trying to regrettably share.

After a while, all these items lose their luster. 

We try so hard to fill ourselves up with things, but external objects can never satisfy our soul’s appetite. 

There’s magic in taking away excess and clearing space. 

It’s within this stillness that clarity is born. 

When we’re able to get quiet and embrace the stillness, we allow our thoughts and feelings to fill us up.

Indeed, this is what our soul craves all along: self awareness, self healing, self nurturing.

clearing space let go of things which weigh you downIn fact, there is no existing super duper dazzling shiny object which is capable of filling us up as well as our thoughts and feelings.

If we continue to do what we always have done, we will continue to fill up our houses and basements with excess unneeded stuff. 

I now understand after a lifetime of purchasing gizmos, gadgets, and gifts that I must come at it from light – and attain things in a light amount. 

In truth, we don’t need to reach for anything. 

We are enough – just as we are. And so we have enough – without needing to add more and more. Plain and simple. 

When we start clearing space – and letting go of stuff physically – we then clear the stuff emotionally.

letting go clearing spaceI now realize that some of my happiest times are spent just sitting in silence – or listening to Enya – breathing, contemplating, cherishing.

Less is more.

And the less I have, the more I appreciate what I have.

I don’t need to be more of a collector of things.

Instead I need to be more of an appreciator of the essence of things.

How Clearing Space Creates Calm and Clarity  shana lundell

Shana Lundell

Written with love by Shana Lundell.

This inspirational essay is part of a book Shana is writing, called “Fire Fly Moments.”

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