Why Aspartame Is A Dangerous Fake Friend: Research Studies

Why Aspartame Is A Dangerous Fake FriendAspartame is a dangerous fake friend as well as a fake sweetener. Here’s some interesting research.

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You know those people who are super sweet to your face but trashing you behind the scenes?

Well, there’s a food that does that too.

Meet, Aspartame: your fake friend.

I’ve already written about how Sugar is a sociopath.

But it’s sad to say that Aspartame – who claims to be a superhero – protecting you from the evils of Sugar – turns out to be even more deadly.

Aspartame is one of the most common artificial sweeteners used in foods and beverages today.

It’s hailed as being 200 times sweeter than sugar. Plus it’s promoted as being devoid of those crazy calories. However, don’t believe all the positive hype! Aspartame may carry less calories – but it packs some seriously evil punches. It is an artificial friend who comes on sweet – but is really doing you wrong!

Why Aspartame Is A Dangerous Fake Friend: Research StudiesAspartame is dangerous for many reasons.

It’s an unhealthy chemical linked to:

  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s
  • seizures
  • heart palpitations
  • headaches,
  • sluggishness
  • depression

There’s a wide range of research studies which report how Aspartame is dangerous for you.

Here’s just one of many studies warning about the dangers of Aspartame.

  • The National Institute of Health have found that frequent consumption of artificially sweetened beverages (aka: loaded with your fake friend Aspartame) may increase depression risk among older adults.  Participants who ingested 25mg of Aspartame a day, (half the FDA recommended amount) over the course of a week, had more irritable mood, exhibited more depression, and performed worse on certain brain function tests.

Where is this dangerous Aspartame mostly found?

Why Aspartame Is A Dangerous Fake Friend: Research StudiesAspartame’s most favorite hiding places are…

  • diet soda
  • packaged goods
  • table top sweeteners
  • reduced calorie fruit juices
  • gum
  • flavored yogurts
  • sugarless candy
  • sugarless baked goods

If you’re not sure if something has Aspartame, simply look at that label.

In fact, it’s a good practice to regularly educate yourself on what you’re ingesting – before you ingest it! So, always take a few seconds to read a label. This habit could have long lasting benefits to your mood, energy and health.

How do you replace Aspartame?

Swap out both Aspartame and Sugar for the true, good-guy sweeties:

  • stevia
  • raw local honey

Final Reminder: Keep it real!

  • Today decide to say no to fake friendships of all kinds: both Aspartame and that toxic frenemy you know you truly don’t trust!

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