Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and WorkAre you a working pregnant mom or working mom who is looking for helpful tips to stay balanced and sane? Below are 5 helpful insights on how to balance motherhood and work.

Balancing a family life and work life is not easy. However, it is not impossible either! It is all about having the right approach.

With that being said, in this mommy blog post, we are going to provide you with some tips on how to master motherhood and work life.

4 Important Working Mom Tips

So, let’s get right to it.

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work

1. Stop feeling guilty

One thing that a lot of working mothers struggle with is the guilt of going to work every day.

There are a number of steps you can take to conquer this feeling. You can start by focusing on the positives in your life and acknowledging the challenge of mommy/work life.

Know this now: You should feel proud that you are a mother and an earner! This is a great thing –  not something you should feel bad about!

You might want to stay away from the park during your lunch breaks – because you will probably see lots of families and children, and this could stir up some uncomfortable emotions.

You should also be upfront and confident about your needs with your boss – in a general way – so you won’t feel pressure or guilty when “mommy needs” occur. 

For example…

You might want to have transparent talk with your boss about your philosophies on attending school functions and/or any other important mommy time you might want to prioritize.

Once you have had this discussion up front – and ensure that you and your boss are both on the same page –  you will feel much better.

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work2. Work from home

It is definitely a good idea to explore the option of working from home once you have children.

This is something that a lot of people assume is not an option for them.

However, with the increasing innovations in the tech field, it is becoming more common for people to be able to work remotely.

It is worth talking to your boss and finding out whether he or she would be happy for you to work from home – at least for a portion of the week.

If this is not possible, why not look into the option of doing a different job at home? You can easily create a website on Wix or SquareSpace, advertising your services.

Or, you can look into selling products online if you have a creative side.

There are also plenty of freelance websites available today where you can pick up jobs too.

The options are endless, so you should definitely explore this further – if working from home appeals to you now that you have a child.

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work3. Stay Organized About Meals

There is no denying that one of the most difficult elements of having a child and having a job is making sure you can enjoy a relaxed and delicious family meal time together. There are a number of different ways you can achieve this.

You can make dinner in bulk and freeze it. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about this when you get home from work.

You can explore a range of delivery services which send you either a box of precooked meals and/or easy-to-cook meal kits.

Many of these services are reasonably priced – cater to specific diets – and are particularly yummy.

You can check out getting a slow cooker – a terrific investment – plus a great time saver which is fun and simple to use.

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work

4. Stay Organized In General

You should purchase a good schedule planner. After all, having a plan is key. It will enable you to keep track of everything you are juggling – by encouraging you to make daily lists, weekly lists and monthly lists.

You should also consider getting a journal – to release your stresses onto the pages – and become more clear headed about all you need to do.

Here’s an awesome journal – with helpful  “clarity and happiness prompters.”

You should also keep a handy list of people you can call if there is an emergency. This list can include a few back-up sitters, a good friend, a supportive family member, a dependable coworker, and/or a neighbor you trust. This list is especially important if you are a single mother. After all, you never know when your current sitter could cancel or a loved one may fall sick.

Feeling comfortable in the workplace – if you’re pregnant

If you are currently pregnant, it is important to invest in some good pregnancy shorts and other pieces of maternity wear that will keep you feeling comfortable throughout your working day. You may also need to take more regular breaks.

If you feel uneasy about this, why not have a quick informal chat with your boss so that he or she is aware of your needs while you are pregnant? You should not have to sit and suffer in silence if you are not feeling well.

If your boss is being unreasonable or putting too much pressure on you, it is worth it talk to someone in Human Resources (HR) – as they will be in breach of the health and safety work regulations that are in place all around the world.

Working Mom Tips: How To Balance Motherhood and Work

Stay Sane

Last but not least, it can be easy to feel like you are going crazy when you have so many different things to juggle.

So, just how do you stay sane?

It helps if you have a support group of other working parents you can talk to about what you are experiencing.

If none of your friends are working parents, why not join a forum online for working mothers? This is a great way to communicate with others so that you do not feel alone and so that you can share tips with each other.

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