28 of The Happiest Quotes To Help You Live Your Happiest Life

28 of The Happiest Quotes To Help You Live Your Happiest Life

happiest life quotes
This collection of the happiest quotes will help you to live your happiest life. Read through these happiness reminders so you stay positive – and stop stressing about things you can’t control.

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I personally wrote and designed each of these happiness quotes because I want to inspire you to live your happiest life!

Basically, I’m on a mission to help you to live a life you love!

The uncomfortable truth:

  • You have no control over many things in life.

3 happier truths:

All of these “life perks” help you to mindfully create your happiest life possible!

28 of The Happiest Quotes To Live Your Happiest Life

I hope you enjoy this collection of the happiest quotes about life. May these encouraging words give you a better perspective. Plus lighten your heart, raise your spirits and boost your happiness!


Boost Your Happiness Quotes

Sometimes the first step to forgiveness is understanding the other person is an idiot.


powerful words

What are the most powerful words in the universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself. – Karen Salmansohn


be patient reminder

Be patient. Good things take time.


overnight success reminder

The secret to overnight success: everyday positivity and everyday action! – Karen Salmansohn


how to be happy saying

Being happy is not about what you have. It’s about the thoughts you have. – Karen Salmansohn


big secret to happiness saying

A big secret to happiness: Work on becoming more self aware. Explore your part in your patterns. You gotta own up to your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging habits, so you can disown them. – Karen Salmansohn


motivating quotes

Sometimes figuring out WHY something happened isn’t nearly as important as the less you learn from it happening. – Mandy Hale


Stop Stressing quotes

Sometimes I prefer not to talk about things until I figure out what I’m truly feeling and thinking. – Karen Salmansohn


encouraging quotes

My life isn’t perfect, but I’m thankful for everything I have.


happiness quotes


happiness quotes


28 Happiest Quotes About Life To Boost Your Happiness

  • Download these happiest quotes about life and use them as mobile wallpaper! Every time you text or take a selfie, you’ll get a surge of happiness and positivity!


quotes to live by


quotes to live by


quotes to live by


quotes to live by


quotes to live by


quotes to live by

  • Print out these quotes about living your happiest life. Post them around your home or office. Allow these reminders to marinate into your brain. Soon you’ll naturally start to think more optimistically!


happiest life saying


live your happiest life


live your happiest life


live your happiest life

  • Share these happiest life quotes on Instagram and inspire others to live more happily!


truthbomb quotes


truthbomb quotes obstacles to happiness


truthbomb quotes the hardest climb


you are a work in progress saying


trust your feelings reminder


quotes to live a happy life

Live your happiest life!

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