Are you an old soul? Top Signs to Look For.

Are you an old soul? Top Signs to Look For.Are you an old soul? Here are the top signs to look for.

Many Buddhists consider huge difficulties to be a sign you’re an old soul.

The bigger your misfortunes, the closer you are to enlightenment.

Whether you believe this or not, it’s certainly cheery to reframe all your life’s bad events as tests of your character.

If you feel particularly tested right now, ask yourself what you’re being tested for!

Ask yourself

  • What strengths must you develop further?

Now consciously go out there and develop them!

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Are you an old soul? Top Signs to Look For.

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ITA. I am constantly analyzing bad encounters, bad “luck,” situations that didn’t go my way and wonder why it happened and what I’ve learned.

My question for you is this: I am recently separated (9 months now) and, although it was instigated by my husband, I am much happier now that I’m not around him so much. However, we have a young daughter together so I will never be able to fully be free of him, his negativity, and general personality (which had changed dramatically in the 17 years we’ve been married). Everytime I have to spend any time dealing with him, I am really upset, negative, and drained afterward. What can I do to cope and not allow him to affect me so much?

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