How Saving Someone’s Life Helped Me To Save My Own Life

How Saving Someone's Life Helped Me To Save My Own Life

If you’re not happy, please know your life can change for the better for a range of surprise reasons. Here’s how saving someone’s life helped this woman to save her own life.

NOTE: This is a guest blog  by Thuy Yau

A friend of mine once criticized me for being “too nice.”

She thought that I needed to change. Otherwise I’d be taken advantage of one day.

Funny thing is, it was actually being too nice that saved my life.

In a previous post, I wrote about how I went through a tough time and believed that life wasn’t worth living.

Unfortunately, I had lost all purpose and sense of direction.

But one afternoon, I reached out to my friend, who was in a really bad place.

I sat with him for several hours in his car, reassuring him that his life was worth something.

He wanted to end his life that night.

But because of me, he lived.

When I saved my friend from ending his life, I got out of the hole that I’d been living in.

I no longer thought that it was only about me.

I stopped looking only at my pain. And I realized we are all struggling in some way.

Saving his life, helped me to save my life.

How Saving Someone's Life Helped this woman to live with more purposeThe pain within me helped me to feel deep empathy and understanding for the pain within others.

I discovered I had a passion for wanting to help the people who were in pain – the people who needed saving.

I realized that I was destined to help others.

In that moment I had finally found my purpose -my direction for my life.

I was alive to help the world become a better place.

Yes, saving his life helped me to live more purpose, meaning and joy.

I believe there is good in all of us.

We are capable of doing great things with our lives.

Our mistakes don’t have to define us.

Just like Karen Salmansohn says in her INSTANT HAPPY book:

“Every day is a new opportunity to change your life. You have the power to say ‘This is not how my story ends.’ You have the power to rewrite your destiny.”

When I read these words in Karen’s book they truly resonated with me, because I believe…

  • All of us make mistakes
  • Our past does not have to become our future
  • The only person in control of changing our life is us, and
  • We choose to be happy
  • I could have so easily gone on living my life, oblivious to having any sense of direction. I could have just given up. But I didn’t.

I decided to take control and move forward with my life.

I went on to study Psychology at University. Then I met my husband. We now have 3 beautiful children. I went on to become a writer, inspiring others to lead a better life.

I wound up living a life with purpose.

Saving Someone's Life Helped this woman to save her Own LifeDon’t let the mistakes of the past discourage you from searching for a better future.

Your life isn’t over.

Not by a long shot.

For as long as you are still living and breathing, you have the chance to change it.

By taking control of your life, you are taking control of your happiness.

Written and shared with love by Thuy Yau! For more about Thuy Yau click here now!

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