4 Tips To Make Long Distance Relationships Last

long distance relationships

If you want to make a long distance relationship last the test of time, here are some helpful tips.

People often enter into long distance relationships (LDR’s) at some point in their dating lifetime.

It can happen to anyone.

  • Young lovers move to different states for college
  • Travelers discover a love connection when in a faraway land.
  • Holiday celebrators meet the love of their life at the bar
  • People fall in love online

LDR’s come with their unique challenges. But if worked at they can be a beautiful and enriching experience for a couple. 

4 Tips On Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

1. Communicate, Communicate…

long distance love relationshipsAnd one more time: COMMUNICATE!

No relationship can survive the breakdown of communication – even if you’re living in the same home.

But communication is particularly vital in an long distance relationship. After all, some things that can be said with a hug and a kiss in person will need to be said by words while couples are apart.

Thankfully modern technology offers a wide range of apps. So it’s now easier to stay in contact with a significant other.

You need to take time for quick text to say hello. Plus you need to make the time for a call. Plus you can always send emails. All of these methods of communication make all the difference when things get hard.

The good news. This means you must learn how to say things clearly and directly. After all, there’s no room to be cryptic when you know body language cannot be read. 

2. Ride out the frustrations

lonng distance relationshipsCouples fight. The golden rule is: Don’t go to bed with unresolved conflict.

For couples battling time-zone differences and distance challenges, this is even more important.

Feeling lonely and unheard can also cause tensions in relationships. As well as talking through things together, make sure to establish routines for when the loneliness hits.

Try practicing self-care rituals, such as yoga.

Or you can meditate – even more 2 minutes – to get out of a funk. Try these simple 2 minute meditations.

3. Small gestures go a long way

make long distance relationship lastTake it back to the early days. Flirt with them. Send a text that means they can’t help but have you on their mind.

Aside from taking the time to talk each day, let them know you are thinking of them with small gestures.

  • Make each other playlists on Spotify with songs that remind them of the other person
  • Gift them a beautiful Open When Letters Book – which shares secret notes of love and encouragement – folded up inside origami style.

Small gestures can go a long way to make the other person feel loved. 

4. Plan ahead

make long distance love lastHaving thousands of miles, oceans, and several time zones between a couple can add to the urgency of needing to be together.

Knowing the next time they will lay eyes on each other keeps the magic alive, adding to the excitement of planning their lives together.

Have the next trip booked. And talk about the next trip which will come after that one. It adds security to something that can feel pretty uncertain at times. 

Then, when the time is right for both of you, discuss when and how the distance will be closed- so you each feel safe that the agony won’t last forever! 

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