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Unblock writer’s block and publisher’s block

Want tools and support to unblock writer’s block and publisher’s block – so you can get your book written, polished and published? I’d love to help – via my UNBLOCK PROGRAM. Already my UNBLOCK PROGRAM  has helped many brilliant-but-stuck people – just like […]

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9 Practical Steps To Make Your Dreams Come True

Want to increase the chances you will make your dreams come true? Here are 9 practical steps which you should take to move forward to achieving your goals.  You know that famous Descarte expression: “I think therefore I am”? Well, […]

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6 Steps To Manifesting What You Want

Is there something you’re dreaming about right now? A business goal? A world improving mission? A relationship? Follow these 6 suggested steps for manifestation – and stay optimistic you can succeed at getting what you want. Scroll down further and […]

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Why I View Myself as a Glad Scientist

I’m excited to tell you about my weekly newsletter. Behind the scenes, I jokingly call it “The Glad Scientist.” Why? Well, I’m a curious person. I view the world as my laboratory. Everything I’ve gone through I view as “life experiments.” Yes, […]

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