7 Tips to Get the Best Selfie Every Time

Tips to Get the Best Selfie Every TimeThese days, selfies are as common as morning coffee. And all we want is to shine like stars in our self-portraits, whether they are for social media, work profiles, or even passport photos (yes, even those!).

Are you ready to level up your selfie game from average to extraordinary?

I’m writing about this topic because I’m a bestselling personal development author and leading Behavioral Change Coach – with about 2 million books sold globally.

I love to help people to live their best lives – so I put together this article about how to get the best selfie pretty much every time you snap a photo!

7 Tips to Get the Best Selfie Every Time

Here are seven tips to help you nail that perfect selfie and look stunning every single time.

1. Embrace your uniqueness

The first rule of taking a great selfie is to be yourself and embrace what makes you uniquely you. Whether you’re in pajamas on a lazy Sunday morning or glammed up for a night out, celebrate your individuality and let it shine through in every selfie you take. Remember, the best selfies aren’t just about looking good – they’re about capturing moments that make you feel amazing. Remember, authenticity is magnetic.

2. Edit like a boss (but don’t overdo it)

Editing tools are your secret weapon for enhancing your selfie game. Adjust brightness, contrast, and colors to make your selfie pop. Smooth out wrinkles, get rid of blemishes, or even remove double chin from a photo easily if needed — follow the linked article for a tutorial. However, touch up lightly and maintain authenticity. You want to enhance your natural beauty, not create a digital avatar. Remember, less is often more when it comes to editing. Avoid heavy filters that distort reality — your friends and followers want to see the real you, flaws and all. Keep it genuine, keep it you!

3. Find your light sweet spot

Let’s talk about lighting — because even the most flawless pose can be ruined by bad lighting. Natural light is your best friend here. Step away from those harsh overhead lights that make you look like you’ve stumbled into a horror movie audition. Soft, gentle light that kisses your face just right is what you’re aiming for. Position yourself facing a window or go outside during the golden hour (that magical time just after sunrise or before sunset) for that dreamy, luminous effect. Trust me, good lighting can make you glow like a movie star!

4. A bit about angles

A good angle is the secret ingredient to a great selfie. Have fun experimenting with different angles (high, low, or slightly off-center) to find the one that highlights your best features. High angles can create a flattering slimming effect, while low ones add drama and depth. Pro tip: extend your arm slightly above eye level for that classic selfie angle — it’s like holding up your confidence level along with your phone!

5. Strike a pose

Posing is an art form that can transform an ordinary selfie into a captivating masterpiece. So now, it’s time to unleash your inner supermodel. Strike a pose that exudes confidence and charm. Whether it’s a playful smile, a fierce gaze, or a candid “caught in the moment” look, your pose sets the mood. Here are a few posing tips: relax your shoulders, elongate your neck, and forget about the camera. After all, confidence is key, and a killer pose can elevate your selfie from good to jaw-droppingly fabulous.

6. Mind your background

A cluttered background can steal the spotlight from your dazzling smile. Choose a setting that complements your look. A simple wall, a serene landscape, or even a funky mural can elevate your selfie game without distracting from your fabulous self. Remember, you’re the star — so let the background play a supporting role!

7. Props and accessories: spice it up!

Whether it’s a funky hat, oversized sunglasses, or your favorite furry friend, props add personality and intrigue to your selfie narrative. Just make sure they complement your style without stealing the spotlight — this is your moment to shine!


So there you have it — 7 tips to help you transform your selfies into social media gold. Remember, each selfie is an opportunity to celebrate yourself and share your unique story with the world. So now grab your smartphone, find your light, strike a pose, and start snapping selfies that turn heads and capture hearts! With practice and a touch of creativity, your selfies are sure to make waves on social media and beyond.

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