5 Tips When Selling Your House for Cash

Tips When Selling Your House for CashIn today’s world, most financial transactions are done digitally. From work wages to grocery purchases, paper money is used less and less. What about selling your home? We hire a realtor who completes the transaction. Then, a lawyer handles the disbursements, paying out any outstanding mortgage, with the rest represented by numbers in our bank account.

What if you didn’t need an agent and found someone to pay you in real dollars, avoiding all the fees and hassle? While it sounds too good to be true, this is how most property transactions occur.

Do you want to use this method but need help implementing it? I’m here to help.

I’m sharing this article not only because I have bought and sold real estate myself – quite a few times.  But also because I’m a bestselling entrepreneur with about 2 million books sold globally.

I love to help people to live their best lives – so I pulled together this article with. helpful tips to use when selling your house for cash.

5 Tips When Selling Your House for Cash

Here are some useful tips to know about for selling your house for cash.

1. Determine the Value of Your Home

Before you even consider finding a cash buyer, you need to determine the fair market value of your home. Many factors play into determining this, and combined, they will paint an accurate picture of how much you should list your home for.

Is it a hot real estate market? Do you live in a desirable community? What are the average home prices in your area? Is your home in need of repair?

These and other questions must be answered so you can research yourself or get a realtor to assess you. Better yet, hire a house appraiser to do the work for you and give you an accurate price. This way, you have realistic numbers and can list your home for a fast sale.

2. Don’t Waste Your Time Fixing Things

Traditional property sales attract excited buyers looking for the perfect house and move-in-ready places. If you need to make repairs or upgrades, this should be handled to attract the most buyers.

With a cash sale, this isn’t as significant. Yes, a well-maintained home may get you a higher cash sale. However, the cost on these repairs won’t be realized in the final sales price. Most cash buyers are not deterred by a home that needs repairs because they can do the work themselves. This is where they can profit, so instead of you spending money to get things done, they do it for you.

3. Don’t Worry About Inspections

Cash buyers are professionals with the mindset of “We buy houses first and fix them later”. Often, cash buyers they are flippers or companies that add properties to their rental pool, they know what to look for when determining a cash offer. Even so, some people will spend money to get an infection at your place.

Please don’t see this as a deterrent but rather an advantage. The buyers are doling out their cash to ensure the house is the right purchase for them. They are interested buyers, and that is what you want. Selling your house as-is won’t affect their interest in buying. They will let you know if anything significant comes up during the inspection. The cost of fixing something will be reflected in their offer.

4. List Your Cash Sale in Multiple Areas

You want to get the most eyes on your property, so list it as a cash sale in as many places as possible. Craigslist, the MLS, or other websites are your best bets, so start there. Make sure to take high-quality pictures and write a killer description, along with all the legal and relevant property information.

You can also contact a cash-buying company directly and have them come out to look. They are quick with their walk-throughs and make an offer on the spot. It is good practice to get a few different offers to compare them.

However, know that often, a cash buyer needs a quick decision because if you hesitate, they will move on to the next place to invest their money.

5. Negotiate

As we said above, cash buyers move quickly, so you need to evaluate their offer quickly. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for negotiations. Cash buyers are savvy, and while they know what money can be made on a property, they may have some wiggle room to seal the deal.

If you aren’t happy with the final offer and aren’t in a position to sell quickly, be firm and wait for the next buyer. Remember that with a cash buyer, you save on realtor fees, repairs, and the long process of showings and back-and-forth counteroffers. The cash price you will get offered will reflect all this.

Recap: Selling Your House for Cash

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat and make the final decision on what you sell your home for. Be confident and educated about the cash-buying process. Once you sell your home, you can move on to your next life adventure.

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