9 Must-Have Items For New Moms In 2023

Must-Have Items For New Moms In 2023Most new moms are excited about purchasing items to facilitate their motherhood. Unfortunately, this adventure is more challenging than it sounds, especially for new mothers who don’t know what they or the baby will need after delivery.

Fortunately, this article has compiled a list of essential must-haves for new moms in 2023. From bedding to feeding equipment to security gadgets, here’s what every new mom requires in 2023.

I’m writing this article not only because I am a mom… but also because I’m a Master Mindset Coach, and a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

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With this in mind, I have prepared this quick new mom’s guide to must-have items.

9 Must-Have Items For New Moms

Remember, the list isn’t exhaustive; hence you can research more essential items for you and the baby for easy parenting.

  • A Bassinet

The first must-have item for new moms is a bassinet. This unique bed is designed for babies between 0 to four months. Bassinets are commonly designed like baskets to offer the most-needed protection for the infant on a minimal scale compared to a baby crib. They’re ideal bedding to keep babies safe and close during their first days of life.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, newborns should sleep in the same room as their parents but in different sleeping spaces to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, a bassinet should be among the first baby items every new mom needs to invest in.

  • A Baby Monitor

Every parent is concerned about their baby’s safety and wants to know what’s happening to them throughout the day. This has led to the invention of smart baby monitors that help parents keep an eye on their babies while at home and away. With a smart video baby monitor, you can watch your baby while asleep and listen to them regardless of location. This technology has proved helpful for parents since they can act fast whenever the baby requires them.

  • A Baby Crib And Mattress

Most new moms are eager to design a nursery. If you fall under this category, a baby crib and a mattress are must-haves. A baby crib provides a comfortable resting and sleeping zone for babies between four to six months. When purchasing your baby’s bedding, invest in a high-quality crib and a mattress since your baby will probably spend more time on them. Ensure the bedding is the correct size to enhance your baby’s comfort.

  • A Sound Gadget

Getting a baby to sleep is among new moms’ most challenging tasks. If your baby doesn’t fall asleep fast or stay asleep, you both experience fatigue that could ruin your day and get in your way of performing daily activities. Fortunately, sound gadgets are there to help soothe your baby and help them stay asleep for quite a while. Besides soothing and luring the baby to sleep, sound machines prevent disruptive noises from waking the baby.

  • A Nursing Pillow

Becoming a mother comes with great responsibilities. Among these responsibilities include making sure your child is fed all the time. Therefore, you’ll need equipment to make the feeding procedure easy and comfortable.

And so one essential item to consider is nursery pillows, which can provide added comfort and support during those precious moments with your little one. If you’re looking to shop for nursery pillows, check out this collection for a variety of options.

At this point, a perfect nursing pillow will be helpful when positioning your baby during feeding. A nursing pillow not only enhances baby’s comfort and prevent them from choking, but it also enables you to align the spine correctly and avoid back aches and pain.

  • Breast Pump

While a breast pump is among the must-haves for new moms in 2023, it’s a personal choice depending on how you want to feed your baby and how long you spend away from them. Suppose you want to breastfeed your baby entirely. You might not necessarily require a breast pump, however, if you’re a working mom spending too much time away from the baby but want the baby to feed from breast milk. In that case, investing in a breast pump is essential.

Breast pumps come in a wide variety. Some are manual, others are battery-powered, and others electric. That said, you can easily get a breast pump that works perfectly for you in leading baby shops at an affordable price.

  • Nursing Bras

Nursing bras are also must-haves for new moms. They come with a latch for easy nipple access when breastfeeding. Nursing bras are comfortable and support breasts that are a bit heavier than usual.

  • Nursing Covers

Feeding a baby in public, especially breastfeeding, is a private affair. You don’t want to expose your breast when feeding the baby in public. That said, you should invest in nursing covers for privacy. Nursing covers come in different designs and materials to fit every mom’s needs.

  • Feeding Bottles

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby, feeding bottles are a must-have. Settle for bottles with squeezable material, safe nipple, and easy to wash to minimize risks of accidents and bacterial infections. An ideal feeding bottle should mimic mommy’s breast for easy feeding.


Becoming a mom is exciting. However, the journey comes with responsibilities to ensure you and the baby are comfortable; hence the need for items to make your motherhood journey easy. If you’re a new mom or mom-to-be preparing a must-have list, consider the ones listed above or reach out to an experienced mother for an exhaustive list.

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