5 Things To Consider When Looking For A Pet-friendly Property

Things To Consider When Looking For A Pet-friendly PropertyDo you own pets and seek a new home? It might be challenging to find a house that can house your pet pals. But with some planning and study, you may locate a pet-friendly home that satisfies your and your animals’ needs.

According to a study, most homes have a pet.

Guess what? We have 2 dogs so I can relate to this study’s results!

However, finding a place that accepts pets, can be challenging. I know this personally. Because of worries about damage and noise complaints, many buildings are reluctant to allow to pet owners.

Yet, as pet ownership grows, so does the demand for pet-friendly properties. No worries. I’m here to help.

As you might know, I am both a dog owner and a lifestyle research geek.

I wrote a bestselling resiliency psychology book called Bounce Back and founded the groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love researching the heck out of a topic. So In this article I share everything you should know about what to look for in a pet-friendly property so you can fully enjoy your home.

5 Things To Look For In A Pet-friendly Property

Coming up we’ll discuss 5 things to consider when looking for a pet-friendly property. Keep reading!

1. Location

It’s important to check your new property’s location and see if it’s pet friendly. For instance, if you stay in Nashville, TN, you can check neighborhoods close to certain services and ensure easy access to your pet’s needs in an emergency.

First, look for pet stores close by that offer everything from food and toys to leashes and grooming items. This will ensure that you have what you need immediately if you have a sudden healthcare issue with your furry friend.

Also, you must have access to a veterinarian or animal hospital nearby and groomers should they be needed. Doing additional research into the area can save time if your pet ever needs medical attention or requires a routine visit.

However, if you can’t go through this stress alone, you can hire a property management company by searching property management nashville tn to help you find properties that meet your needs as a pet owner. They can help check locations that benefit you and your pets!

2. Space

A space for your pet to play can benefit both of you, as it gives your pet a place they can enjoy without tripping over family members or furniture while also keeping your home more organized. If your pet doesn’t have a cage, designate a spot where you can keep their bed, toys, crate, and food and water dishes. This provides an enjoyable space to explore and a refuge where they can relax when things become overwhelming.

If you have an indoor-only pet, such as a cat, it would be beneficial to create a ‘pet-proof’ area that meets the animal’s needs. Cat trees are splendid for this because cats love vertical spaces, and it also sets boundaries with other furniture in the house. Other ideas include floating shelves for cats or providing an array of play stations featuring peepholes, hiding spots, tunnels, or platforms that appeal to their need to climb, jump and explore.

If you have small pets like guinea pigs or hamsters, it is important to consider their particular needs, too, as many require large cages and supervised playtime on another level outside of the cage itself. But without enough space on your property, you can’t achieve all this.

3. Pet Amenities

One of the key considerations when trying to find a pet-friendly property is whether the amenities offered are suitable for your pet. Dog owners, in particular, should look for properties with amenities such as dog-walking stations providing free poop bags, pet washing stations, and access to dog parks or dedicated walking paths. Such amenities make it easier for your pet to exercise in a safe environment and allow for convenient clean-up afterward.

If possible, look for properties with some green space nearby–parkland on the ground or rooftop gardens, which offer fresh air and grassy areas where doggie playtime can occur.

Another important amenity to consider is if the property you are interested in has designated pet waste disposal zones. Making sure you pick up after your pup shows respect towards other tenants and helps maintain a healthy environment – not just on your property but throughout the wider neighborhood.

4. Pet Policy

While looking for a pet-friendly property, you must comprehend the pet policy before signing a lease. The ideal pet policy would clearly state what kinds of animals are permitted, how many may be kept, and any breed or size limits. Knowing any documentation requirements (such as immunization records, certifications, etc.) and any expenses associated with pet ownership is also helpful.

It also helps to inquire about any rules governing noise or the entrance of pets into communal spaces.

5. Flooring and Furnishing

When selecting a pet-friendly property, paying attention to the type of flooring and furnishings offered is important. Hardwood floors may look beautiful, but claws can easily scratch them. Although you should look out for pet stains or damage, carpeted spaces are better for pets since they offer padding and warmth.

Also, consider buying pet-friendly furniture coverings or mats that can be placed on top of already-owned furniture. This will assist in keeping things tidy and preserve your furnishings from harm.


These five tips mentioned in this post are sure ways to ensure you and your pets live enjoyable lives in your new property. We hope you found them useful. Do you have any thoughts? Please share with us in the comments section.

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