5 Injury Types that Hospital Staff Can Be Held Liable For

Injury Types the Hospital Staff Can Be Held Liable ForHospitals are considered safe havens. Places to go when a person is injured or ill and needs medical attention. It is the expectation that a patient can trust the hospital staff to provide quality care.

Unfortunately, hospital staff can sometimes be negligent and cause injury to a patient due to their malpractices. If not treated properly, this can lead to serious medical complications and long-term effects.

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With this in mind, in this article I will share five injury types that hospital staff can be held liable for so you know your legal protection rights.

5 Injury Types To Hold Hospitals Liable For

I believe that patients should be aware of their rights and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. Read on.

1. Medication Errors

These mistakes occur when a healthcare provider incorrectly prescribes, administers, or dispenses a medication. These issues are particularly common when a patient is taking multiple medications that have the potential to interact with each other.

Furthermore, errors can occur if the medication is incorrectly labeled or dispensed in the wrong dosage. In addition to causing death and injury, medication errors can also lead to prolonged illness and expensive medical bills.

If you are a victim of medical malpractice in hospital, connect with a medical malpractice lawyer to help you seek justice and compensation for your pain and suffering.

2. Surgery Errors

Surgery errors can result from misdiagnoses, incorrect prescriptions or surgeries, or mistakes made during surgery or post-surgical care. Common surgery errors include wrong-site surgery, anesthesia errors, wrong-patient errors, and objects left inside the body after surgery.

Unfortunately, these errors can have devastating consequences for the patient, ranging from permanent disability to death.

3. Pharmacy Mistakes

Pharmacy mistakes can include incorrect medication dosages, combinations, or altogether wrong medication. From allergic reactions to adverse side effects or even death, these errors can have serious consequences for patients.

It is the responsibility of the hospital staff to ensure that medications are properly monitored, properly stored, and accurately administered. If any of these processes are neglected, the hospital staff members can be held liable for any resulting injury.

4. Falls and Fractures

While falls are often caused by the hospital staff’s negligence or inadequate patient care, fractures can occur due to improper medical equipment, the mishandling of a patient, or incorrect procedures.

In either case, the hospital staff can be held accountable if it can be proven that their negligence or inadequate care caused the fall or fracture.

5. Failure to Monitor the Patient

This happens when a medical professional fails to provide the required level of care, such as not taking vital signs regularly or failing to detect physical issues. This negligence can result in patients not receiving the necessary medical care, leading to serious medical complications.

For example, if a patient’s vital signs are not monitored regularly, a medical professional may miss an irregular heartbeat or other signs of a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment.

How To Move Forward From Hospital Injuries

If you or a loved one has been injured due to hospital negligence, seek legal representation as soon as possible. A medical malpractice attorney can help you document evidence, determine liability, and file a claim against the responsible parties.

They will also explain your rights and navigate the complex medical malpractice laws. Additionally, a lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies and ensure you receive the best possible settlement for your case.

Final Word

Hospital staff can be held responsible for the pain and suffering of patients. The staff’s job is to ensure the best possible care and safety for all patients. If a patient has experienced injury or harm due to hospital negligence, then they may be able to seek justice and compensation.

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