Developing Mental Toughness: Making It Stick Once and for All!

Developing Mental Toughness: Making It Stick Once and for AllLearn some tricks to developing mental toughness in a lasting way so you can bravely face your fears and live your best life.

Some of us in life feel that we need to become tougher. Maybe we feel like we’ve been passed over for things, like work promotions.  Or we are fed up with being treated a certain way.

In general, there’s a lot to be said for the benefits of developing mental strength.

While physical strength gets a lot of attention, your mental fitness can help you handle the rigors of life.

With this in mind, I’m here to help share – in simple and actionable terms – how to develop mental toughness – so you can avoid a mental breakdown.

As you might know, I am a bestselling author of the resiliency psychology filled book called Bounce Back.

Plus I founded the groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love to share strategies to improve mental toughness so you can live life at your peak potential.

10 Tips For Developing Mental Toughness

If you want to be mentally strong in the midst of challenging times…explore this list of tips!

1. Find “Adventurous Hobbies”

A lot of people think about developing mental toughness in roundabout ways.

The reality is…

If you want to get over a fear of something, or you want to improve your mindset, the best thing you can do is to face your fears head-on by pursuing adventurous hobbies. Then you must learn how to reduce your reasons for being fearful of these adventures, by exploring safe ways to enjoy them.

For example…

  • Let’s say you are fearful of heights. There is no inherent value in getting over a fear of heights by climbing up trees if you’re not going to do it safely! So you need to learn how to climb trees with a focus on safety.
  • Ditto with your fear of getting shot. Instead of getting yourself in the midst of combat, you should learn how to avoid being shot.  As you might know, with the hobby of Airsoft, there is an Airsoft age requirement of 18. Why? Because they want you to be wise and mature about staying safe.

In summary: 

Part of developing mental toughness is being smart about staying safe – so you have less to fear! So you must focus on safety first in all your daring adventures.

2. Practice Visualization

If we want to develop a sense of mental toughness, we can benefit from visualizing ourselves not being scared of something. This is a great way for us to practice staring down our fears.

There is an excellent audiobook online that delves into the power of visualization and why it is so effective.

The simple answer is…

  • In addition to having a mental practice of overcoming something scary, the more you replay something in your brain, the more your brain starts to get used to the realities of it. 

Your brain is not able to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

  • As a result, your brain will evoke the same responses.

A very good example…

  • When you visualize something like a piece of fruit, after a while, you start to smell the fruit. You may even salivate.

Hence, visualization is a critical tool for developing mental toughness. The more you visualize staring down your fears, the more you will be ready to face them. Plus, more importantly, you will master control over your internal responses.

3. Build It Brick by Brick. Understand the role of each brick.

If you are looking to develop toughness in the traditional sense, you must remember not to multitask.

In fact, a big reason we feel anxious in the modern world…

  • We are multitasking at every available moment via our phones, our conversations, and our lives.

If you want to develop mental toughness, you’ve got to focus on one thing at a time. And you’ve got to practice the art of being present

Another big reason we get fearful of things?

  • When we don’t understand things… we often fear things.

You must develop the ability to explore new perspectives!

  • When we can create a new perspective, we can take a step back from the situation.

As a result, we can gain a better understanding. This can reduce any sense of fearfulness.

Developing Mental Toughness is a Skill You Can Work On

As you improve your mental toughness, you’ve got to celebrate your small victories.

The common misconceptions about getting strong in a physical sense?

  • We falsely believe we need to shock our body into adapting.

But if you are trying to get over a fear of heights, climbing to the highest spot may seem like a “kill or cure” approach. However, it’s about looking at your fears …and breaking them down into chunks.

The Great Thing About Developing Mental Toughness?

You are not just changing how you view yourself in the process, you’re also making changes deep within your nervous system.

It’s not just about developing mental toughness in the traditional sense. We have to remember that making deep connections within us is critical to how we engage in life.

Mental toughness is the sign that you have great control over who you are, not just in mind, but in soul as well.

Get More Tips To Be Mentally Tough

Explore my bestselling resiliency psychology filled book: The Bounce Back Book.


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