10 Creative Ways To Get More Views on Reels

10 Creative Ways To Get More Views on ReelsCreating Instagram Reels simply for a business could be the key strategy to boost Instagram interaction and followers.

In fact, they’re a tested and proven growth hack!

The greatest strategy to increase your Instagram account and get a spot on the covered Explore Page is to create reels.

Your view and follower count will rise as a result, making it simple to reach the 5-figure follower mark and attract your audience to your account.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author with about 2 million books and courses sold globally, and 1.5 million social media followers, and 90,000 newsletter subscribers.

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With this in mind, I’m sharing some of my favorite Instagram Reels hacks, from handy hints to top editing tactics, that are guaranteed to make your films stand out from the crowd.  

10 Creative Ways To Get More Views on Reels

You can start to get more views on reels if you put into action the following 10 creative ideas.

1. Use Trending Sound

Do you want the Instagram Reels to go viral? Take a listen to what’s hot right now. When a large number of people react to a sound, the Instagram algorithm observes and adds many of the similar videos to their Instagram feed.  

As a result of the Instagram algorithm, popular sounds are automatically pushed higher in the stream, increasing your chances of receiving more views and possibly a few new followers. So, if you create a reel with the trending sound, you are taking a step closer to having more followers. If you want a boost in your growth, you can visit https://megafamous.com

2. Produce Unique Content

If you wish to be noticed on the infamous Instagram Reels menu, you must have original content. Keeping in mind the thousands — if not millions — of producers who share Instagram Reels daily, cooking up new ideas might be a challenge.

Fortunately, if we talk about the organization of your Instagram Reels, there is no need to begin from a base level. 

Take up a current idea, add your dash of creativity and thought process, and boom! You have an intriguing reel ready to post. Polish the reel by adding a few instructions(if that requires). 

3. Keep Your Content Original

Instagram has stated that videos that aren’t blatantly recycled from third-party apps are prioritized, so generating original content in the Reels editor could help you gain more exposure. With this in mind, creating content directly on Instagram and TikTok is the ideal technique — even if you use the same raw material (from your Camera Roll) in both applications.

Original content takes time and work to create, but it’s one of the finest methods to beat the system and stand out in your niche.

4. Hashtags Are SEO

Hashtags are a great method to gain more views on Instagram Reels and help the algorithm comprehend what you’re posting. Consider it in terms of search engine optimization (search engine optimization). The system will analyze the hashtags you use and serve your movie to the appropriate audience.

Using hashtags like #southafricatravel and #wowsouthafrica, for example, notifies Instagram that your post is about South Africa and that it should be served to users in the country. However, avoid using wide and generic hashtags. Stick to hyper-relevant hashtags.

5. Quickly Catch Up With the Latest Trends

Reels are similar to TikTok in that they come and go swiftly. Take some time each morning to check out the reels of creators’ profiles to check out the things they’re sharing. This will help you follow the trend before it becomes old news and uninteresting. 

Check out for the latest reel ideas, a popular song that people are listening to, or a comic strip that is much used by other creators. 

6. Add Your Reels to Your Insta Feed

Adding Instagram Reels to your profile feed is among the best ways to get more views and bag the chances of being in the limelight, and going viral!  Hence, it would always be beneficial if the reels are directly posted to your Instagram feed.

Else, no one may take notice of your reels. All that hard work and creative juices that flowed would go to waste! If you’re anxious about destroying your Instagram style, you can put a cover image so that your reel seamlessly blends with the rest of your feed. Furthermore, you may easily delete the Reel from your stream at a later time. 

7. Make Trends Your Own by Adding a Niche Twist

When it comes to trends, don’t make the same Reel as someone else. Adding a specialized spin to an Instagram Reel is one of the finest ways to enhance your views.

For example, in the fitness industry, there is a common sound that indicates, “Are they friends?” Are we buddies? Oh, you’re yet to be my friend.”

So, if you’re not a fitness influencer, what are your options? Consider how you may connect this sound to your niche. If you’re traveling, for example, you may use it to simulate what it’s like to hear your accent while abroad.

8. Add It to Your Instagram Stories

You should always share your Instagram Reels on Instagram Stories. It’s a good idea to distribute your Reel in as many locations as possible if you want to expand your audience.

Plus, you can always cover the majority of your Instagram Reel with a GIF or image to entice your audience to click and view the entire video; this way, you’re not giving them whole disclosure and they’ll visit your profile to see the full reels.

9. The Placement of On-Screen Text Should Be Optimized

It does not matter if you’re including closed captions or more text, the location of the on-screen content is critical. If the text is difficult to see, your audience is likely to scroll straight past your video, which can be a significant engagement killer.

If you’re adding text, make sure it fits inside the 4:5 ratio, especially if you’re sharing it on social media. The text will be seen when a user clicks on your Reel in-feed this way. While it may not appear to be a significant problem, carefully curating your text placement will make your audience’s experience much more delightful.

10. Creating Informative Content

Think again if you thought Reels were solely for the latest dancing fads. A lot of people have become famous as a result of their educational work. Creating informative content benefits your audience and establishes you as an authority on a particular subject.

Conclusion on Getting More Views on Reels

Making Instagram Reels is now one of the most effective ways to increase your following. The main advantage of Reels is brand recognition. It will allow your work to be listed on Explore page as well as a never-ending stream of Reels. 

When your content appears on the Explore and Reels tab, it reaches people who might not otherwise be exposed to your brand. 

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