What Are the Different Types of Hoverboards That Exist Today?

types of hoverboardsThese days there are many different types of hoverboards and the market has grown steadily over the past few years to an impressive $3.24 billion in 2021.

Yep, the transportation industry has a new kid in town.

Whether you want one of these self-balancing scooters to get around town, your college campus, or your office campus (no matter the type of hoverboard you choose) you’ll quickly realize that the benefits of this method of transportation go beyond making getting around quick and easy.

They run on a rechargeable battery and do not require gas or oil making them eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Now that you know some of the benefits of hoverboards, it’s time to choose one from the many choices available.

As the mom to a 6th grader, I’ve become very well versed in the various hoverboards that are out there.

So… Keep reading to learn about the different types of hoverboards and how they function.

One-Wheel Hoverboard

Do you snowboard or skateboard? If so, the one-wheel hoverboard will work well for you. There’s a central wheel along the center of the hoverboard making it easy to maneuver.

Riders shift their weight to turn and lean forward to stop on a dime. They are designed for paved roads so keep that in mind.

The best one-wheel hoverboard is easy to control, has a rough top surface so it’s easier to grip, and has LED lighting that runs through the board.

Two-Wheel Hoverboard

Some people consider the two-wheel hoverboard to be the best electric hoverboard. It’s self-balancing and easy to ride.

You can choose from medium wheels, small wheels, or broad wheels. The most common, and some say the best, hoverboard wheels are the medium wheels. They’re designed for quick travel to get you where you need to go.

Broad wheels come on all-terrain models. They have more grooves that make them suitable for uneven terrain.

The small wheels are around six to six and a half inches and are very lightweight. This is usually a great choice for kids.

Four-Wheel Hoverboard

Looking for something a little more stable in the type of hoverboard you want? The four-wheel hoverboard is more advanced, more stable, and easier to move and control.


This type of high-tech board uses electromagnetic technology and jet propellers to produce air pressure sending the board into the air to actually float. It’s like something from a futuristic movie.

These hoverboards are very expensive because of the technology and materials used to make them capable of reaching up to 3000 meters in height.

Want to know more about the hoverboard, when they came out, how they work, and whether or not they’re safe? Follow the link to learn more.

Types of Hoverboards

Before you choose from the different types of hoverboards check your local laws to make sure the one you buy is not prohibited. With so many choices, you’ll be sure to get the one with the features you desire.

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