5 Benefits Of A Holistic Addiction Recovery Plan

5 Benefits Of A Holistic Addiction Recovery PlanA holistic addiction recovery plan doesn’t solely rely on medical intervention to assist with overcoming addiction. It’s a recovery plan involving several activities that aim to align the mind, body, and soul.

Plus it also addresses uprooting the problems that may have led to a life of addiction.

All of this is very different from tackling symptoms by prescribing medication alone.

For instance, recovery programs at rehab.melbourne includes hikes, meditation, counseling, yoga, spa, and nature experiences aimed at addiction recovery.

The aim is to physically move the body and exercise the mind positively so you can enjoy a holistic healing experience from whatever addiction you’re struggling with.

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With this mind, I created this article all about the benefits of holistic addiction recovery to help your loved ones recover from addiction.

5 Benefits Of A Holistic Addiction Recovery Plan

Should you consider holistic healing as an option for addiction recovery, here are five benefits you could enjoy:

1. Root Causes Of Addiction Addressed

Holistic therapists aim to unearth the root causes of the addiction before they try to help the clients manage the symptoms of addiction. Root causes differ from person to person and can stem from childhood or traumatic events leading to anxiety as an adult.

In some cases, addictions result from mental health struggles such as depression and anxiety. Various substances are then used to numb the pain of experiencing such struggles, though they can lead to a self-destructive path. Through one-on-one counseling or group discussions, you may discover why you’re in the position of addiction.

Having unearthed why addiction became a part of your lifestyle, you can then tackle the particular concepts with clarity. For instance, if addiction is a response to pain caused by a childhood memory such as abandonment, the therapists will help by giving you tools you can use to recover from the abandonment issues you may struggle with as an adult. Simply prescribing medication in such a case would temporarily alleviate the symptoms but not tackle the root cause.

2. General Physical Wellness

Holistic addiction recovery strategies include physical movements such as yoga, dancing, hiking, and sports activities. Physical movement helps rewire the brain and release dopamine, a feel-good hormone. Instead of relying on medication to release the hormone dopamine, physical activities are a natural means. It also implies that you don’t have to rely on prescriptions beyond your time in rehab as these are activities you can then integrate into your lifestyle once you’ve resumed your life at home.

3. Unlocks Talent And Skills

The activities you may participate in during a holistic recovery plan can unlock interests, skills, and talents that you otherwise weren’t aware of because you hadn’t taken part in the activities before. For example, if art therapy is a part of the strategy plan, you may discover that you’re passionate about it when you look forward to the activity. You may also discover that you’re talented in art by the results you produce having completed the activity.

Such discoveries mean that when you return to the world, you have an activity to replace the addiction you may have overcome. Instead of searching for drinking spaces, you may instead enroll in productive art classes and reduce the risk of relapse.

4. Avoids Medication Addiction

Fighting an addiction through prescription medication may lead to another kind of addiction. You may get into a position where you train your brain to think that you can’t function without the medication, which may not necessarily be the case.

On the other hand, you may discover that having uncovered the root causes of the addiction, medication only tackles a part of the problem and isn’t the main solution. You’ll then rely on the different skills and activities you’ve learned during the holistic program, even if you include medication as a part of your recovery plan.

5. Long-Term Life Skills Are Developed

Whether you recently overcame an addiction or have been clean for a long period, the holistic addiction recovery plan helps develop life coping skills, which every individual benefits from. You learn how to identify a problem, analyze it, and navigate it positively without harmful crutches such as drugs. Challenges are a part of human experience, whether one has an addiction or not, meaning the tools that equip you to move through pain and struggle may be beneficial throughout your life.

Conclusion: Benefits Of Holistic Addiction Recovery Plan

Recovering from addiction is a complicated journey that requires more than medical intervention, hence the holistic addiction recovery plan. The holistic strategy helps uncover the root cause of the addiction rather than merely treat symptoms. You also get to practice general physical wellness through movement.

Skills and passions may also be unlocked as you participate in various activities that may help you recover. You also reduce the risk of getting addicted to medication as a means of coping, and long-term life skills are developed.

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