Reasons Why Gradients are Still the Web Design Trend to Watch

Reasons Why Gradients are Still the Web Design Trend to Watch

If you want to create engaging web design, there are many reasons why gradients are a trend to watch and exploring using. Read on to learn why…

After being overtaken by minimal and flat design in 2010, gradients are now making a comeback with a loud bang as one of the main web design trends.

Many big brands, including Instagram and Spotify, are utilizing this feature to design eye-striking websites.

A gradient can be used as the background or interface of an entire site. It can also play a supporting role as an accent color on one specific element.

While gradients are an excellent way to add visual interest and functionality to your website design, it can be easy to overuse them in a way that takes away your page’s usability.

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With this in mind, I decided to put together this article about the design trend of using gradient backgrounds etc.. 

What is a Gradient?

A gradient is a gradual blending of two or more colors, applied either horizontally or vertically.

The most common type of gradient is linear, which is the transition from one color to another gradually over a specified distance.

When using gradients, you can apply different colors as fills to shapes and text, or even use them as backgrounds for your website. This can give your site attention-grabbing effects that can lead to more traffic and a slight uptick in conversions

Here’s an example from my sales page for my Stop Emotional Eating Course.

gradient design

Here’s an example of a gradient background on my sales page for my Manage & Avoid Drama Llamas Course.

example of gradient background

Why Use Gradients on Your Website?

When used correctly, gradients can set you apart from other websites and make your page memorable and unique. Here are some reasons to use them in your web design.

1. They are Easier on the Eyes

With nearly every industry using websites as a tool for marketing, there is no better way to take advantage of web design trends than by using gradients. While a website that’s too busy can be overwhelming, smooth color transitions make your site easier to navigate. This can reduce your bounce rate and ultimately increase conversions.

2. They Create Depth and Dimension

A gradient background gives depth and dimension to a website, bringing your design from flat to three-dimensional. It will also draw attention to whatever item you place in front of it.

However, gradients don’t have to be large to make an impact. Even small aspects like shapes, icons, text, and logos can all benefit from the addition of a gradient background.

3. They Attract Attention Towards Calls to Action

If you want users to click your call-to-action buttons, like buying products, signing up for services, or subscribing to newsletters, using gradients can help. If you want users to click your call-to-action buttons, like buying products, signing up for services, or subscribing to newsletters, using gradients can help. Web Integration Edinburgh’s service page is a good example of the proper use of call-to-action buttons.These designs act as visual magnets that pull people towards your requests. Gradients make important information stand out because it is difficult for the human brain to ignore differences in brightness.

4. Gradients Work with Any Design

A gradient can help your website look great, no matter what theme you’re working with. By varying between two or more colors and controlling their transparency, you can create beautiful effects that match your brand’s look and feel perfectly.

Tips for Using Gradients in Design

Here are five tips to help you get the most out of gradients in web design.

1. Use Color Theory

Use color theory when choosing colors for your gradients. This ensures that each gradient works well without clashing with any other design element. A simple way to do that is by picking two colors from opposite sides of a color wheel and expanding them outward until you have an even gradation between each side.

2. Keep the Scale Consistent

Scale is the amount of color you have on a certain area of your website. When using gradients, it’s important to keep the scale consistent across your page. This ensures that your website design looks cohesive and is easy to follow.

The best way to create consistency is to ensure there is enough variety across your color scheme. This will prevent ugly streaks of unbalanced hues throughout your site.

Consider incorporating contrasting colors into small areas such as buttons or text. Conversely, avoid placing similar colors together and letting them blend out.

3. Choose A Linear or Radial Gradient

It is important to pick a gradient that fits your web design style. Linear gradients are great for designing simple layouts like landing pages or websites with straightforward navigation. If you’re designing something more complex, like an interface with many different types of content, a radial gradient could be the most suitable for your layout.

4. Do Not Overuse Gradients

Use gradients sparingly to make them effective on your website. Do not apply them at every opportunity you get. You should also avoid repeating gradients from section to section of your page to avoid looking unprofessional.

The Bottomline on Gradients and Web Design

As it appears, the gradient web design trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Many designers are still using it to create eye-catching websites for big companies. You too can try it and see the impact it will have on your site. You can use this design to create beautiful backgrounds, texts, or logos. However, be careful not to exaggerate color schemes on gradients. Lastly, take some time to learn color theory to get a clue of colors that can give you a beautiful hue.

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