7 Marketing Products to Bring to Fall Festivals

7 Marketing Products to Bring to Fall Festivals

If your company wants some success tips for autumn, here are recommended marketing products to bring to fall festivals!

The temperature is not scalding hot nor shivering cold, just right for gatherings to celebrate. Every season offers unique events and product selections, and fall is no exception. Fall events are often a mixture of outdoor and indoor, as it is the season with the blend of faint warm summer air and crisp, almost winter cool winds.

The season marks the time of year that people put away their swim gear and start to bundle up, ushering in the colder seasons. It also offers a wide range of festivals that let people enjoy clear skies, rusty foliage, the last of the harvest, and the whole magic of fall.

Chances are, your company will attend one of these events to meet potential customers and spread the word about your business.

No worries – I’d love to help! As you might know, I used to work in a New York advertising agency before I quit my Senior VP gig in my twenties to become a bestselling author.I love to help people with their marketing and branding. With this in mind, I pulled together this quick guide with recommended marketing products to bring to fall festivals!

7 Marketing Products to Bring to Fall Festivals

For fall festival promotional items, think about ways to prepare people for colder temps while also embracing the last few months of outdoor fun, such as:

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are great for any season, really. As fall festivals are typically outdoor events held mainly during the day, giving away sunglasses can be a perfect option. For sunglasses, stick with neutral colors, which makes a person more likely to keep and wear your promotional product.

Fall is also a season of neutrals, earth tones, and basic colors, so consider black or dark brown sunglasses. If you want to warm it up, you can go for caramel shade or creamy whites. Note that sunglasses are small, so there will be less space to add your logo to them. Research sunglass logo ideas to find subtle yet visible ways to design your logo.

2. Jackets

Fall weather can be all over the place. It can be pretty warm during the day, then get chilly as the night comes. This makes jackets an ideal product to offer as a promotional item. Be sure to choose a versatile jacket style that is lightweight yet protects against potential rain and cool wind. Instead of offering these for free, you can sell them in unique patterns to make up the cost while also spreading your logo.

There is a wide range of jackets that can be worn in the fall. Anoraks, windbreakers, and utility jackets are best for the fall season. Quilted jackets and sherpas are also popular, but those can get expensive. Decide based on your budget and offer jackets in popular colors for fall, including black, navy, green/forest, grey, and brown.

3. Thermal Containers

During the fall, people love reintroducing warm drinks into their lives after having iced drinks all summer. Add to this cozy habit by offering a reusable thermal container as a promotional product. A thermal container comes in many forms, such as a typical thermos or temperature controlling to-go cups. You can choose from these types and add your logo creatively using fall-themed designs and colors.

Be sure it is machine washable, durable, and leakproof so that people can use it longer. You could also offer this promotional product at a fall festival by offering apple cider or coffee in it. This offers a chance to start a conversation with potential customers.

4. Scarves

As it is sometimes too warm for a jacket or too cold for a plain shirt, fall is all about a good scarf. This is a great idea if your fall festival has a recognizable logo or colorway associated with it. Again, if you opt on offering scarves, it is ideal to still stick to fall colors and shades while adding your brand’s touch to them.

Scarves are meant to be accents to a person’s outfit, so you don’t want it to be too loud and difficult to match. Something machine washable is preferred. Also, there are different types of scarves that you can choose from, so be sure to choose the ones that fit the style of your audience base. Cotton, wool, cashmere, alpaca, and muffler scarves are great for the fall season and winter. 

5. Hats

Whether it’s a ball cap, a knit beanie, or an artsy beret, hats are popular at fall festivals. As the season ushers in the winter, people often feel chilly, and the body loses heat through the head, so keeping it covered helps keep the body warm.

Hats are a fun opportunity to play with colors and logo placement. It is important to maximize the chance to put your brand on highly visible items, so design your hat and logo carefully. Keep your clientele in mind to ensure you select a design they will like and re-wear the item even after the fall season.

6. Sweaters

Hoodies and crewnecks are great for fall as, oftentimes, the weather isn’t quite cold enough for a jacket or coat. Sweater colors for fall include warm off-white, navy, brown, black, and earth tones like olive green, auburn, and amber.

Such items also offer you many surface areas to play with, so get creative with the design. Create something that will get people to ask questions about where a person got that sweater or what the logo means. You can consider adding your logo as an embroidered patch or screen printed.

7. Socks

Flip-flops are out, and boots are in for the fall, which means cozy socks. Socks are great for younger demographics as they are more likely to show them off to friends or at school. Consider high ankle socks that are knitted or printed with fun designs and patterns. Plain comfy socks in fall tones are also great promotional items for teenagers. 

Socks can be fun and creative or neutral and purposeful. So design it intentionally to whatever suits your brand. Also, be mindful in adding your brand’s color and logo.

Make Fall Festivals Cozy and Fun

From Halloween to harvest and music festivals to Thanksgiving, the fall is packed with warm celebrations and fairs that everyone can enjoy. Take this opportunity to make people feel comfy and cozy while promoting your brand. Add warmth and thought to your promotional items, and surely, people will remember your brand throughout the season and beyond.

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