A 2 Syllable Inspiring Chant – Which Might Work Better Than “Om”

A new 2 syllable inspiring chant - which might work better than "om"Here’s an inspiring chant which is just as powerful – if not more so – than chanting om. I learned it from my son! Read on..

My young son (Ari Salmansohn) now does this very adorable thing.

After he draws a picture – or does anything he’s happy about – he says the following two syllables:

“Ta da!”

I love this!

I love how Ari takes a moment to be fully present, appreciative, proud!

Ari doesn’t let the moment fly by speedily. He lets himself take a moment for a little self-lovin’.

“Ta da!” he says and looks at his work of art soooo proudly.

You know how “om” is supposed to be a sound to say which helps us to feel good inside?

Well so is “Ta da!”

A 2 Syllable Inspiring Chant - Which Might Work Better Than "Om"I think we adults should use “Ta da” in our day after we’ve done something we’re proud about.

If you’re embarrassed – just do it when you’re alone.

Maybe it’s during your day at work – after you’ve done a bit of work you’re proud about.

Take a moment to say “Ta da!” -pause – and fully appreciate what you’ve done.

Or….even on the weekends – after a spin class or after doing the laundry.

Take a “Ta da!” moment to bask.

I’m joking – but I’m serious.

“Ta da!” is fun to say – and it’s a way to make sure you’re fully present and fully appreciative and fully self-loving.

“Ta da!”

Think of something right now – something you’re proud about from your past. I’ll wait here. You got it? Do you have something right now in your mind that you’re proud about having done?

Okay – now I want you to say “Ta da!” to yourself right now! After all, you did it!

You’re awesome! “Ta da!”

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Ellie L.

Ta-da it is, starting ta-day. Good suggestion. Love the innocence of our little ones and the wisdom they have that they’re not even aware of. That’s why God made Moms–to interpret those messages. Thanks. 🙂

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