Most Heartwarming Gifts for Lovers in Long Distance Relationships

Most Heartwarming Gifts for Lovers in Long Distance Relationships

If you’re involved in long distance relationships, then you’ll appreciate these heartwarming gifts for lovers.

Long-distance relationships are an excellent way to test the authenticity of a loved one and their commitment.

However, to make the most of such a relationship, you must be willing to put in the hard work through late-night calls, FaceTime sessions, Skype chats, and text messages.

Besides staying in touch, you will want to share gifts. But you have to be a bit creative while choosing gifts in long-distance relationships.

You want the gifts you send to make your loved one feel like you are not so much apart. 

Now worried! I’m here to help! As you might know I’m a bestselling relationship author and founder of the life changing video course Secrets of Happy Couples.

I love sharing tips about how to enjoy a happy, lasting relationship. With this in mind, I put together this article on how to find and give the most heartwarming gifts if you’re in a long distance relationship with someone you love.

Most Heartwarming Gifts for Lovers in Long Distance Relationships

Here are four of the most heartwarming long-distance gift ideas you may consider for your partner.

1. Flowers

Flowers add life and color to every relationship, making them a beautiful way to let those you love know how you feel about them. The good thing is you can send them to the person you love even when they may be worlds away.

When sending flowers, you want them to be as fresh as they would be if you gave them in person. Thankfully you can order flowers online from an outlet closest to your loved one and have them delivered the same day.

For instance, if your loved one lives in Utah, flower delivery Salt Lake City is the best option for you.

2. Touch bracelets

Touch bracelets are a set of two bracelets, one for you and one for your partner. They are the easiest way to let the other person know that they are on your mind no matter how much of a busy schedule you could have.

All you need to communicate your love is to touch your bracelet, and theirs will vibrate and light up. According to couples that have used it, the vibration feels like the person you love just touched you.

The bracelets are usually waterproof and rechargeable, meaning you can always have them on unless you are recharging them.

3. Love box messenger

The love box messenger is the digital equivalent of the classic love note. To communicate with your loved one, you will need to download its easy-to-use mobile app through which you send love messages. 

When you write a message, the heart on the side of the box spins to notify your loved one of a new message.

The recipient can respond by spinning the heart, which sends a shower of digital hearts to the other end, or even better, they can choose to write back through the app. The box can make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for long-distance lovers.

4. Countdown clock

When in a long-distance relationship, the days to your next scheduled meeting seem to move very slowly. But as slow as they may feel, most people often find themselves counting down the days on some piece of paper or canceling the dates out on the calendar.

But there is a better option; the countdown clock. You only need to enter the target date and the current date, and it does the rest for you, counting down to the very hour and minute. You might want to consider buying two, one for you and one for your partner and synchronizing their countdowns.

5. Made in the USA clothing

American-made clothing remains a popular gift idea for conscious consumers. Apart from its quality, American-made clothing is associated with lesser carbon footprints. Most clothes made in the USA use 100% cotton. If you don’t know, cotton is biodegradable unlike polyester and other synthetic fabrics. In addition, American-made clothing adheres to fair labor practices.

Hence, consider gifting your long-distance lover with a versatile shirt that screams American-made. It’s cool and reflects your life values, making your significant other love you more.

Wrapping up Gifts for Long Distance Couples

Long-distance love gifts may not be limited to the ideas mentioned above. But if you are lost on the perfect gifts to send to your partner who is miles away, these options can be a starting point and are guaranteed to add spark to your relationship.

Enjoy a Loving, Lasting, Long Distance Relationship

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