DIY Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas That Are Inexpensive and Fun

DIY Valentine's Day Decorating Ideas That Are Inexpensive and FunDecorating for Valentine’s Day is a great start for creating the perfect at-home Valentine’s Day date.

It’s also great for flexing your creativity muscles and adding some holiday flair for a holiday that most people don’t decorate their homes for.

Do you need some decorating ideas that won’t cost you a fortune?

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I’m an award winning designer, who creates my own inspiring quote posters, and creative directs my bestselling books and life improving video courses.

Basically, I love making cool things and using my creativity.

Plus I founded the couples therapist recommended online course called Secrets of Happy Couples.

With this mind, I thought I’d share a few fun and simple DIY projects for Valentines Day to help inspire more romance in your relationship.

3 DIY Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Keep reading for some of my favorite DIY Valentines Day decorating ideas to explore!

1. Framed Love Letters

Do you want to tell your loved one how you feel through the power of the written word? Why not create some sentimental love letters and frame them for placing around the house?

I love staining paper with tea to make it look old and fancy. Use your best handwriting to write out your feelings and then pick the perfect frame. Thrift store frames work great for this, and if you want to match the standard Valentine’s vibe, you can paint them red and pink.

If you’re not the best with words, pick your favorite love poem or quote and put it in the frame instead.

Not only is this a cute decoration, but it’s also one of our favorite Valentines Day gift ideas.

2. A Sweet Centerpiece

Replace the non-seasonal centerpiece on your dining room table with something more Valentine’s-friendly.

Get a medium-sized clear vase (round works best). Inside of that, put a small vase and fill it with water (or a small planter if you prefer living plants in your centerpiece). Pick your favorite Valentine’s flowers to put in that center vase or centerpiece.

While roses are standard, choose something that speaks to you. Succulents are another cute choice that can live for years to come.

Fill the rest of the vase with candy that reminds you of Valentine’s Day. Pink, red, and white candies are easy to find around the holiday, but you can also use conversation hearts. Make sure that your plant sticks out of the top by filling in the extra space underneath it as needed.

3. Mason Jar Lanterns

This one is so easy and a lot of fun! If you have kids you can even include them in the crafting.

Mason jars are easy to thrift or buy online. The ones you need can be small or medium-sized. You’ll also need pink, white, and red paint.

On the outside of your jar, paint your favorite designs. They can be simple (like colorful stripes going down the sides) or more complex, like hearts. Make sure that you leave enough room so that light can shine through.

Insert your favorite small scented candles or tealights (or use flameless versions for safety) and you have the perfect customized candle holder or lantern.

These Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas Are So Cute

Which one of these Valentine’s Day decorating ideas speaks to you? Valentine’s Day decorations don’t have to cost a lot of money. DIY versions come from the heart, and that’s what matters most on this lovey-dovey holiday.

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