5 Ideas for Your Parents’ 50th Anniversary: How To Make It Memorable

Ideas for Your Parents' 50th Anniversary: How To Make It Memorable

If you’re lucky enough to see your folks enjoy a long and happy marriage, you’ll love these 5 ideas for your parents’ 50th anniversary – so you can make it memorable!

Traditionally associated with gold, the 50th marriage anniversary is a remarkable event in the lives of a married couple and their loved ones.

Like gold, years of experiences, refining and polishing makes their valuable years of togetherness precious.

Spending half a century with one companion makes the 50th anniversary a significant milestone in a marriage.

The importance of your parents’ 50th anniversary deserves recognition and celebration. 

If you’re the couple’s child, or simply a family member or a friend, you will want to express your love and support by commemorating this special occasion.

Before you proceed with the celebration plans, ask the couple about how they want to celebrate. Remember: the efforts should be directed towards making the day memorable.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned a lot about how to make sure you develop positive habits which lead to your best life.

Two top contributors to happiness are: enjoying deep connections with people and celebrating noteworthy milestones.

With this in mind, I decided to put together this article which shares ideas for celebrating the exciting milestone of your parents’ 50th anniversary.

5 Ideas for Your Parents’ 50th Anniversary

Keep reading for my top ideas to create a memorable 50th anniversary for your parents.

1. Start their day with a golden touch

You can start off the day by getting  a bouquet of golden chocolate arrangements with a bottle of golden sparkly wine or any other gift with a golden touch delivered to their home. Stick to the gold-colored theme for the rest of the day to highlight their accomplishments as a couple. You can also suggest decorating their house for the golden anniversary. 

2. Arrange for an exciting theme party

A good guest list can pump up the 50th anniversary celebration. You can send some early glittery gold invites to their closest and oldest friends. The couple will definitely feel thankful for your efforts. Seeing all their friends together in one place can be an incredible experience. For decoration, you can get some golden center pieces and other decorative items. It’s a good idea to set up a table where guests can keep all the golden wedding anniversary gifts. Don’t forget to get a cake with golden frosting and have a cake cutting ceremony.

3. Create a surprise anniversary video

Collect their old pictures and moments to create a surprise 50th anniversary video. Seeing the moments they have spent together can bring a smile to everyone’s faces. Seeing some old pictures can remind them of their hardships, sacrifices and how they came out victorious in the end. Try adding free copyright free music to impress your parents even more. Be sure to keep tissues handy for the couple if they get emotional. And for the sake of fun, you can make it a theatrical experience with buckets of popcorn. 

4. Plan some activities

Depending on how old your parents are and what they like, you can plan some activities to keep the party’s spirit alive. You can play fun games for couples like “How well do you know each other.” If you have musicians in your family, ask them to create a playlist that your parents can dance to. Another fun idea is making arrangements for karaoke. The audience can show their vocal skills and sing the night away. Remember to document everything!

5. Arrange for their favorite foods and drinks

You can do some research and recreate their wedding dinner. But since your sense of smell and taste change with age (as does your metabolism) you can subtly ask them about their recent favorites. Hire some catering for the party and mention the couple’s food preferences and your wish to keep the food healthy. They can not only help you with table setting, food menu etc. but also give you a choice between sit-down dinners or a service station for buffet. You can request them to provide crockeries to match the golden theme. If multi-course meals are heavy on your pockets, you can always choose a pocket-friendly event format like casual drinks and snacks. The main aim should be to have fun together!

Conclusion: Celebrating Your Parents’ 50th Anniversary

Your parents have dedicated their lives to ensure the wellbeing of your family. So now it’s your turn to give them the happiness and treasurable memories they deserve. The above points can help you make their day unforgettable.

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