5 Steps of a Recovering Hot Mess

Steps Recovering Hot MessIf you’re feeling challenged and like you’re a recovering hot mess, read on for some spiritual tools to help you to feel energetically at your best.

Note: This is a guest post from the inspiring Teresa Shantz co-founder TNT SpiritWorks and host of Enthusiastically Spiritual Podcast.

“Hi, my name is Teresa and I am a recovering hot mess.”

That is how I would introduce myself to my 5-step HM (hot messes) support group.

You might be wondering…

How did I become a hot mess?

recovering hot messWell, by coming back to the planet. Having another journey in these skin suits.

Truth is, I am just a soul in a physical body having a human experience just like you. As a soul I am energy. As an energy being I can tell you that I am sensitive as fu**.

My sensitivity includes my inner emotional turmoil and the chaos that goes on around me.

As a sensitive soul I have had some challenging energies show up throughout my life. Some of those experiences landed me in the “I have lost control lane” of my Life Highway.

I frequently used a fun phrase with both of my daughters when they were young: “You are acting like a basket case.”

Now, can I tell you what a basket case is…no!

But my girls knew that it meant, “Mom was having one of her moments.”  With this in mind, they needed to step back a few feet from me as I went through one of my many meltdown moments.

Embracing those “moments” was not fun, but good for my learning. These great learnings showed up time and time again throughout my life. When I started putting together aspects of the spiritual part of my being (through spiritual workshops and retreats), I came to realize how to be the four-star general of my energy.

Let me explain…..

5 Steps of a Recovering Hot Mess

On my road to hot mess recovery, I had some massive discoveries that helped guide my way. Here are some insights that I have put together for myself which might help you too.

1. Getting real with my hot mess energy

universe is energy spiritual reminderThrough my exploring I began to understand that I am extremely sensitive to all the energies around me.

These energies flowed from other people and the environments that I lived, worked and played in.

Now clearly this insight didn’t come over night. As I opened up to this realization of how sensitive I am as a soul, everything just started making sense.

When I’m able to recognize energies that are not mine, I feel like it’s a god send.


  • Aunt Sally is bitching about me. I can feel that.
  • Someone around me is have their hot messy moments. I can feel that.

I can feel it all, but being able to discern what I am feeling is where the tables turned for myself. If I know what I am feeling isn’t even me, then I can do my spiritual cleansing technique (shown here) to cleanse my aura and then check in with my team of Inner Guidance.

My spiritual cleansing technique has helped me get real with my energy in a big way.

2. Bird’s eye view of my bigger picture

growing spiritually karen salmansohnNext, I needed to tap into the ability to get a bigger picture of my life. This insight helped me tremendously. I realized that I was not just some bat sh** crazy person running around allowing all energies to affect me. Plus I recognized a bigger perspective to who I am and why I am here.

For example….

  • I am here to learn to grow.
  • I’m unique and there is no one like me on the planet.
  • I have a Spiritual thrust and purpose to why I am here.
  • As a soul I never die, just this gorgeous meat suit dies.
  • I really can’t screw up too bad, but just have massive learning experiences along the way.

Getting this bird’s eye view of my bigger picture gave me the ability to take a deep breath and to know that everything will be alright. I recognized that I can give this lifetime my best shot. Then when I am finished here I can look back and see how well I did with the whole enchilada.

3. Working with my Inner Guidance

spiritual growth hot mess recoveryAs I stepped through my caca of life moments there were so many times I felt all alone. And this next step has changed my whole life because I realized that I am NEVER alone.

My whole perspective changed when I understood that I have a unique team of Inner Guidance (AKA spiritual helpers, angels, archetypes, etc.) that I hand chose to love, back and support me through my whole journey. As I cruised down the life highway, my “inner guidance” was what I had been waiting for. You know, the sign post up ahead says…..YOU HAVE HELP.

This was a gangbusters moment. I realized that I have a team I can call on every moment of my life! How amazing!

In looking back through my life, I recognized that my spiritual helpers have been assisting me in many tricky situations.  My spiritual helpers showed up and stepped in at times when well, things could have went way south for me. Like the time I fell over backwards onto my neck and only had REALLY BAD whiplash, versus snap my neck in two.

My spiritual team has given me the backing and support that I need to take life by the balls. As a result, I now get the most out of more magical moments while I am here.

4. My Intuition

hot mess recovery intuitionI think of intuition as my ability to tap into my inner well of wisdom or what I will call inner “gifts.

We all access these innate abilities through our…

  1. Clairaudient – clear hearing 
  2. Clairvoyant – clear seeing
  3. Clairsentient – clear feeling
  4. Claircognizant – clear knowing

Up until maybe a decade and a half ago I didn’t realize what intuition was – or what to do with it.

I have always been a pretty feisty, direct, honest, no bullsh** kind of gal. Especially when I am in a situation that has turned up the volume of my hot mess self.

Before I understood my Intuition, I just thought these hot mess times happened because I was a Leo.

But, once I understood those 4 aspects of Intuition, I understood how to better communicate with the world. In particular I realized I was especially gifted as a Clairaudient – and this was a key to changing my whole life.

These innate inner gifts help me understand how I rock and roll down my unique highway. They have given me knowledge of how everyone else works too. Intuition has given me a greater understanding of my energetic body and the ways I interact with the world.

5. Trusting

trust universeThe ability to trust is huge for me.

If I didn’t accept the ability to believe, surrender, and allow I would not be in the place that I am at today.

I now accept that I am energy and have a team of Inner Guidance.  I’m here to learn and grow. I have a spiritual thrust and a purpose.

When I trust in a divine plan, I’m able to take off some of the inner pressures I put on myself.

In looking back at this halfway point (early 50’s) of my journey I can truthfully say that all those hot messy moments made me who I am. They allowed me to look up and see the exit signs for my off ramps of life. I was able to be “guided” by the Universe, my team of Inner Guidance, and Spirit to explore many unique avenues of awakenings.

Recovering Hot Mess: Conclusion

I now confidently see how there are many steps to reawaken the spiritual beast inside. But these 5 steps are my top dogs. These are the main keys that helped me to recover. They have truly given me a new view to the Spiritual part of my life and how to maneuver through this massive planet of energy.

The bottom line is that I am proud to own the Brownie badge of being a recovering hot mess.

teresa shantz TNT SpiritworksABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Teresa Shantz- co-founder of TNTSpiritWorks and host of Enthusiastically Spiritual Podcast.  She enjoys living life with spirit and drinking from her cup of contagious enthusiasm. Teresa is on a mission from the Universe. She lives with her soul mate and husband Tom. Together they are on a mission to share with the masses how to make the spiritual practical for daily living.


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