Fun Ways to Show Small Businesses Support

Fun Ways to Show Small Businesses SupportAre you wondering how you can show your favorite small business some love during these hard times? Read our fun ways to show small businesses support.

Small businesses are always facing a myriad of challenges. Many can experience their incomes suddenly halved due to reduced traffic and would-be customers dealing with money challenges.

Regardless of anyone’s overall ability to spend, there are a lot of fun ways to show small businesses support. Many of them require no extra spending—if any spending—at all.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher.  I write a lot about how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur.

I also wrote a bestselling book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned that you can boost your own happiness by helping others! Researchers call it “helper’s high.”

So by exploring the follow generous habits below – you will feel better yourself for doing some good in the world!

Fun Ways to Show Small Businesses Support

Explore these acts of kindnesses for small businesses and support them in being able to thrive during challenging times.

1. Support Them on Social Media

An easy and totally free way to help a business is to boost them on social media. This could include leaving reviews on Google, Yelp, and other business review platforms. It could also be sharing and commenting on the business’s posts. In fact, many small businesses make sales directly through their social media, so helping to get fresh eyes on their posts is no small gesture. Lastly, making original posts about businesses helps as well. This could be a product or experience review, a nice shoutout, or even a fan group to share the love and spread knowledge. The latter is especially great if the business does not have a social media presence of their own or a very small one. (Psssst… I love it when people who buy my various books leave honestly happy reviews on Amazon for my books. Just sayin’.)

2. Prioritize Shopping With Them

While big-box stores offer a lot in terms of convenience, they just do not need our money like small businesses do. Even if it’s a little less convenient to shop at a dozen small stores, it’s much healthier for the economy. There was, after all, a time when this type of shopping was the only option! To see small businesses prosper again, we just need to shift our mindsets a bit. Anytime you need or want something, do a little online research and see what small business options are out there. There may be a few amazing farmer’s markets, crafters, and retailers close to home who provide delivery and curbside pick-up shopping. And if you do need to head into the store, just be sure to follow any safety protocols in place. Struggling storeowners will thank you for the support and for keeping everyone’s health in mind.

3. Stay Tuned in for Sales and Deals

Finally, one of the most fun ways to show small businesses support is to watch out for special deals. Sales are a great way for businesses to reset their inventory and catch up on bills. It is also a huge help to your wallet and enables even those of us on a tight budget to let off pressure with a nice little splurge. There are always tons of times for sales, including shop-specific reasons and national events. Additionally, common holidays and business appreciation days such as Small Business Saturday are some of the easiest sales to catch. Small businesses also find a slew of other sale reasons such as birthdays, anniversaries, and early releases of new product lines.

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