3 Habits To Become More Happy And Successful: Level Up in 2022

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It’s time to embrace some helpful habits to become more happy and successful and make this year your best yet! It’s time to level up!

2021 was one heck of a year. 

Now that we turned a new year, it’s time to not turn a page to a new chapter.

But rather you should throw out the book and start a new flippin’ book!

2022 is your year to improve you.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned a lot about how to make sure you develop positive habits which lead to your best life – by embracing specific principles of “habit formation.” 

In this article I will be sharing the specific habits needed to take this year of your life to a whole new level!

3 Habits To Make You More Happy And Successful

Ready to level up? Here are my two cents about it.

1. Add Adventure to Your Life

next steps forward divorceAll of us get stuck in routines. Our society, businesses, and families fall into the trap of agenda, calendars, and doing the same thing over and over because it is a habit. However, when we are running on routines, we go on autopilot.

We don’t pay attention to the little details.

A lot of times we miss the big stuff too.

Adding an activity that puts you in the moment, like an adventure, forces you to be in the moment and tap into the power of perspective. You can watch a great TEDx talk about the three benefits of adventure.

2. Declutter Your Spaces

habits successful happyIn order to level up whether personally or professionally, you need to surround yourself with a healthy space. A lot of us have been putting off decluttering our homes or home offices for a while.

Now, is the time to really go for it. With a myriad of options for donating your clothing, records, CDs, cassette tapes, college books, and more, get rid of the excess.

The same goes for your children’s toys, games, and clothes. We hang on to so many unnecessary items. Decluttering your spaces allows you to better use your space and the stuff you really like. Fortunately decluttering your spaces also clears your mind. It’s a win-win.

3. Be More Efficient with Automation

habits to be happy and successfulBy being more efficient at home and work, you can have more time to play, head for an adventure, or spend time with those you love. There are many ways to be more efficient in life and business. However, my favorite, go-to solution for efficiency is automation.

For your home, you can automate your bill-pay for your electricity, cable, internet, water, and more. For your business, there are many ways to automate. You can automate your security cameras, payroll, and even packaging solutions.

Why do it the slow, old school way? We all want more time. Get more time by automating what you can.

It’s time to throw out the old playbook and its habits and routines. 2022 is your year to level up.

Whether you are looking to evolve to your best self personally, professionally, romantically, physically, mentally, or all of the above, you can start with my two cents above. You got this! Congrats on leveling up in advance!

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