Start An IoT Career: 5 Tips for Landing an IoT Job

Start Your IoT Career: 5 Tips for Landing an IoT Job

If you’re interested in starting an IoT career, here are 5 tips for landing a job. Knowledge only takes you so far if you don’t know how to market yourself.

IoT, aka the Internet of Things, has successfully reshaped organizations and their spending strategies.

With more and more companies pivoting to an IoT focus, the demand for IoT experts is ever-rising. Since this is a specialized field and demands a specific skill set, its professionals generally earn a lucrative salary.

How To Start An IoT Career

Even though the IoT industry is booming, there isn’t enough talent to successfully execute such jobs. Tech companies are looking for skilled professionals to help take their business to the next level. Are you on the verge of starting a career in IoT and contributing to the sector? If so, here are some tips on how you can go about it. 

1. Knowledge of technical skills

When embarking on the hunt for an IoT job, candidates must have a range of technical skills in their arsenal. While the industry is ever-growing and newer aspects are being developed for a potential candidate, there are some skills that they must already have to be eligible for an IoT job. Knowledge on several aspects such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, and wireless communications are skills that could set you apart from the other candidates. 

For instance…

Developers with knowledge of AI could improve the functionality of the hardware through integration.

Similarly, knowledge of wireless networking systems can help professionals understand a company’s network design and implement technologies to support connected devices’ volume. The more experience you have on such job skills, the better your chances are of getting hired. 

Besides such technical skills…

Knowledge of programming skills and coding is also important to begin an IoT career.

Proficiency in computer languages such as C++ and Java can help jumpstart your career. 

2. Invest in Yourself 

There are many aspects to Internet of Things that require skilled professionals. As such, candidates would need experience in several domains to land a job in the area, resume editing services can help them with this.

This can be a challenge for enterprises as finding professionals with the required skill set is tough.

While companies may not always find the perfect fit for their firm, they may settle for someone who has experience in software engineering and is bent on learning new things and taking new courses. Candidates who can keep themselves up to speed and are willing to invest in learning more contemporary IoT concepts have a better chance of scoring a job. 

3. Company Research

Before applying for an IoT position, it is best to check out the company first to understand their infrastructure and its products. Not all companies require the same set of skills, and every hirer is looking for a specific person to help them deal with their problems.

By researching the company, you not only assure yourself that you are a good fit, but you also show your hiring manager that you are interested in the firm and are keen on working there as a developer. 

how to start an IoT Career

4. Market Yourself

Your knowledge can only take you so far if you don’t have a solid portfolio that showcases every task that you have worked on and handled.

Here are some tips on what to add to your job application. 

• Hands-on experience

Candidates who have experience working with IoT platforms can show the hiring managers your enthusiasm for the industry. If you have participated in real-time applications of IoT, make sure to add them to your portfolio. Successful candidates are those who become IoT experts through hands-on experience before they apply for jobs. 

• Pitch an idea

If you haven’t been out on the field as much or are just beginning your journey in this arena, you could always pitch a potential ROI- attaining idea to a hack-a-thon. Such events are interesting networking opportunities for you to meet with a hiring manager who could offer you an IoT job. 

5. Soft Skills

IoT demands dynamic professionals as it is an exciting up-and-coming field. Along with the skillsets required for dubbing yourself an expert on the area, you also need to have problem-solving skills and marketing skills. For instance, an IoT Solutions Engineer works in close proximity to customers to explain product features. As such, a candidate who networks well with others is considered a plus. An individual who works well in a team is also preferable over those who don’t. 

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